Vote NOW, and/or SHARE the Message: US Midterm Elections TODAY (Nov 6)!

Today, November 6, 2018, is voting day for our American friends. Today is the day we/you can make a difference. Today is the day we/you can learn from what happened in 2016, and help save, or at least support, democracy. We non-Americans can help by sharing the message in some way, to remind others. On it’s said that each of us who shares helps reach three more voters. American citizens, please vote in the Midterm Elections, and remind your network. It’s not only your country that’s affected. It’s all of us. Children, women, men, LGBT etc…. We’re all in this brutiful world together. And some of us can’t vote. Make a choice and be the voice.

A few notes:

ArielFacebookScreen Shot 2018-11-06 at 19.58.18(Compressed)

  • From RAICES: Ongoing news about separated families, imprisoned asylum-seeking children, the synagogue attack in Pittsburgh, and other things your vote may help prevent in the future.
  • Last week in Brazil a president who is said to admire dictatorships and disparage blacks, gays and women, won the election with only 55.1% of votes (The Guardian).
  • That fraction of a percent is really just a handful of the masses. Seriously every vote, every care, every share makes a difference. Politics are not fun, especially for most creative and peace-loving folks. I did not want to write, let alone publish, this post. Yet politics, like it or not, change the world. Politics happen because people like you and me make them happen, either by action or by inaction.
  • Some of us are lucky. We’re (still) living in a democracy. Therefore, we are the ones with the Power. Let’s use that power. And/or share it. Now is when it counts.

And finally, to cheer us up and get us motivated:

With love,

xo n


Edit 2018-11-10: For further reading:

This post by Brandon Anderson: Yes, I Voted. I Hope You Vote Too, which recounts not only his own difficulties with politics and voting, but also quotes the story of his Asian-American friend Brielle’s experience with racism, at her local polling station for the midterm vote.

This post by Roshaunda Cade: When I Realized Someone Like Me Could Be Turned Away From the Library

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