Mudwest Mom. High On Wellbriety

That’s what he called me. some dude in a chat site

Said he liked my name. asked what I looked like

I said “old crone,” looks don’t matter, blah dee blah

I was planting seeds in mud, so I thought. i said:

“let’s move it to the main room.” because this is getting creepy

guts shouting f*ck off

ego brain saying, “but maybe

he’s in trouble, needs help. I could save him…”

instead he saved me.

watched me in the main room, while I figured it out

always the N00b. All the details laid out

WTF she must be false

no one’s that stupid



It was him again, private chat. he said, you will get eaten alive

on here


my guts shrivelled. was it true

Am I not the same as you


Wait, but did he know me?

Yes he must

the lust began in the words

in Broca’s trust

he’d hit the G-spot

You’re kikexsome nieve…mudwest mom

GUGle didn’t know. Not even DuckDuckGo

Well? Sofa-side, scientific husband?

while I waited, quaking, for the

translation of contraband.

Husband said, scratching head:

uh, I think he’s saying

you’re like some naiïve midwest mom

—he’s probably texting drunk.


Agents averted. In my mind


So i went looking for new (false?) friends

but without my overtyping 10-fingered paragraphs

in the “clean” chat

no one was talking.

meanwhile, in “uncensored”

it was shotguns and cheesecake. meth and pasta

or perhaps metaphorically. i couldn’t tell. i didn’t

know them that well. they shuuurre seemed to like it just swell.

saw farther up they’d called me green

while i’d been chatting with mr. mean

“I’m male. Is that ok?” 

What the fuck could i say

this was only my second day


I felt alone


Status updates, in the kind of lines

that would get me eaten alive. you know, poetry schmoetry:


Marguerite137 is…

getting ready to drink coffee
contemplating the mud
shouting in a field
crying over fallen marguerites
laughing at tigers baring teeth.

  • Updated seconds ago – Delete 


[Marguerite137 deleted. Avatar was a daisy.]


Tiger, to the next flower:

I like your name…



Image by Joe Robles on Unsplash Model unnamed.

Nadine inhales & exhales words & images from her current vantage point in the Zone of Emptiness, France. If you wish to contribute and/or show appreciation, please recommend/like and/or comment. Thank you for reading. 🖤

Edit 2018-12-10: reincarnation added. Edit 2019-02-02: reincarnation deleted.


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