Love Actually in New York — via Pizza Party of One. #Reblog

I haven’t tried re-blogging till now, so hoping I’m doing this right. 😉 This is from my new blogging buddy Ailsa, while she prepares Thanksgiving dinner, over in New York.

I know Thanksgiving as a North American holiday is controversial. And rightly so. It symbolizes, for many, a time when rights were taken from one group of people and forcefully assumed by another.

But sometimes, in the moment, we have to choose to focus on the Love. And on giving thanks for the good things in life.

This post is so funny, and sweet, and grateful, and so many of us can relate to it, when it comes to family holiday dinners at any time of year. It’s so full of exasperation mingled with love, and just so easily relatable. Written on the fly (literally she must have done it in minutes! While cooking!!!). I wanted to share it with y’all.

Ailsa lost her mom in July.  Yet her words are so positive, in spite of the pain. Absolutely a light in the dark. Which is something we can all use from time to time. Click the link below, read and enjoy.

Also sending lots of love and gratitude to each of you supportive readers and writers out there. You make sharing words possible, and worthwhile. Thank you. ❤️


xoxoxoxo N.

Today is THANKSGIVING! There was always drama over what time to put the turkey in, how long it needed to stay in, and EVERY SINGLE YEAR what the protocol would be with the aluminum foil covering it in the oven.  […]

via Nothing witty, just thankful thoughts — Pizza Party of One



Image via Ailsa on Instagram

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