Dear friends,

Once again I have to question my values. I’ll be honest, I have no clue what I’m doing, least of all online… apparently the latest thing is wine-soaked blogging. Seems to happen about once a week. Not a fan. Definitely not recommended. Particularly not on Mondays.

I wish I were one of those lucky folks who could enjoy ONE glass of red, or sparkling? Maybe one day I could be. But usually I’d rather have two glasses. Then, especially if I’m hanging out with or talking to someone, I’ll have three. And three, on my frame, equals “three sheets to the wind.”

Usually happens when I’m on the phone to overseas family or friends, for some reason. After the kids are in bed, most especially after a long and busy day serving others, I have the urge to relax and connect with people.

After I get off the phone I feel all artistic and creative and think I’ll post some avant-garde sh*t.  The next day I’m like “oh dear… looks like the avant-garde part was missing.”

Apparently I missed the memo about not “drinking and driving” on social/blogging media. When exactly was that passed around?

(Pro Tip: The best way to get a big bunch of people to read your latest blog post is to advertise it publicly on Facebook with the caption “Drunk Blogging.” However, keep in mind it’s unlikely to garner as many “likes” as views. ;))

How does everyone else keep social media separate from social “activities”? Is there some secret social-media-breathalyzer app I don’t know about? Suggestions welcome.

In the meantime, guess I’ll lay off the late-weeknight dipsowining, and instead get back to my MasterClasses, since my year-long membership ends in March.

Stay tuned for distilled (but hopefully non-fermented) tips, from the Masters.



xo n

2018-12-08 Image added. Credit: My son Z, age 7, has been making some interesting circle-and-line drawings, lately. One afternoon he asked me what he could draw for me. Seeing that his drawings looked like sailboats, I asked him to make me one with “three sheets to the wind.” This is what he made (text and bold outlining added by me).





9 thoughts on “WINE & BLOGGING

  1. Love it! I know there was an app that will make you do math before accessing your phone during certain user-settable hours (not sure if it still exists, but it should!), to help avoid drunk texting. Perhaps we need one for “drunk posting” you’d have to complete a math problem before hitting “Publish.” 😉

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  4. strider48

    Why beat yourself up so much? Hemingway couldn’t write sober. You, at least, enjoy writing three sheets to the wind, he found the whole thing so distasteful that he had to get another drink to live with himself. Cheers, hic!


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