One For the Volcano God

“Keep a diary, and someday it’ll keep you.” — Mae West

And I think that is what I must return to. No more blogging. Or very little blogging. Or much less blogging.
And longer sentences. Definitely longer sentences.
And I think I must stop writing so many sentences that begin with “And.”
And no, Essie, I shall not publish this one.
This one is just for me. Even though the minute I started writing the third line, I wryly thought I must hit “publish” on this one, and perhaps even start a whole new blog, solely based upon the principle of blogging addiction.
Maybe I could just publish this part? To satisfy the volcano god?
Sure, okay.

Thy will be done.


Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

16 thoughts on “One For the Volcano God

  1. I am addicted to notebooks, diaries, journals with snippets of my life and times. I am a great believer in placing significance on our stories and narratives of origin! I think I may get addicted to this blogging thing too lol… 🙂

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        1. I tell my listeners and my lupus warriors that realizing what in your life that needs fixing is the first step to inner peace. The second and most important, never tell anyone your goals or what you are going to fix because out here in virtual world there are very jealous people who want nothing more but for you to fail. Even unconsciously. So , I believe the reason your blog and journal are. Different and in my opinion they should stay different. Only BECAUSE some people have the power to make things come to fruition, just by thinking it. But, they can only do it by thinking bad thoughts.
          You say well how do I achieve balance and share my feelings? Share the positive feelings and make sure when your listeners is done they have that warm fuzzy feeling. I did a show about helping yourself grow by doing a very special type of meditation, that will help you find inner peace. Feel free to use it. I give you permission to share my article as long as you give me credit.
          Peace ☮️💯💜😇🎤⬇️


      1. I like journaling, I have two daughters , two sons and four grandchildren ( to look at me you would call me a liar. ) However I title all my journals letters to my children, so they know exactly what I was really going through with this life time of chronic lupus. I say things in my journals that I don’t say to my blog/ podcast audience. Always keep the two separate and sometimes. Maybe throw something in there from your journal only if you feel like being 100 no holds barred. Good luck I look forward to reading it.

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  2. Sometimes I can be a real airhead..the name of my show is called can find me on iTunes and if you have a Droid go to play’s a great app and it’s a permanent APP. Or Spotify. Don’t worry it’s free. If you want to leave me a message or ask me ANYTHING There are no stupid questions. I encourage most web listners to record a question on thier phones recording devices and attach it to the email or download ⚓fm on Google play or iTunes store. Thanks Bloomwords! Your articles are great!!.

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