Love For Bloggers

Love for the blogging community; past, present and future. You (—We!—) are all amazing, blooming, growing folks. We all have something in common: we share some inner part of us with the world, through words and images. By sharing our own experience, we allow others to learn and study, perhaps before they feel able to do what they ache to do.

For those who are afraid, we dip our toes in first, describe the water. It’s cold! It’s hot! It’s refreshing! It’s terrifying! Whatever our individual experiences are, there are enough of us that the ones still seeking will find the experience they’re looking for — the experience that perhaps matches or disproves their expectations, and gives them the strength to dip their own toes in, if that’s what they wanted. Or gives them the strength to say it’s not for them. Either way they’ll read enough to say to themselves, “this writer, who seems to be my soul-brother/sister, did it, therefore I can, too.”

These are a few of my favourite bloggers:

1. My favourite bloggers are sometimes the least popular ones. Let’s face it, we’d all love to earn money doing what we love, but it’s the ones that do it for the sheer love of blogging — the ones that write their truth like a tap turned on, that are the most interesting to me. It’s a tricky thing and sometimes even a risky thing, so I’m not advising it to everyone nor anyone. I’m just saying that those are among the blogs I love the best.

2. My favourite bloggers are the ones who make us laugh, and wield language like a jester would in a king’s court. How you do it I don’t know, but I’m glad we’re all part of the courtyard, yo.

3. Some of my favourite bloggers are the ones who write straight-up how-to’s, for those days when we just really need someone to tell us what to do. We might not follow the instructions all the time, but sometimes they’re a lifeline.

4. My favourite bloggers are the ones that cheer others on. I am so very grateful to you. You are watering the seeds of creativity, I know that sometimes you do it just because you might be the only one watering the creative garden for someone you believe in or hope for, and I love you for it. Truly, you are saving creative lives out there. Thank you.

5. My favourite bloggers are the ones that dare to criticize. I have watched you and quaked in fear at the thought of you and I have felt more alive because of you and sometimes you’ve been the only one to tell the truth when no one else would. I have created my best work because of you, even if/when I never followed your advice in the end. You may feel unpopular or unloved at times but as long as you are doing it with the intention to toughen the plant and not destroy it, then you are helping the evolution of language and ideas, and I love you love you love you. I also hate you at times. But afterwards I always  love you.

6. My favourite bloggers are the ones with terrible writing. Thanks for trying. Keep going. Practice makes better. And someone out there may feel encouraged because of you Your voices are valid, too. Never let anyone’s negativity silence you. Rise up, again and again. Resilience is one of the greatest measures of success. And did you know? In French, terrible is sometimes used as a slang word for “great.”

In Sum:

Thank you for the words, and to the ones who wield them with heart. Use your power for good, and you’ll do good with your art. “Go forth and multiply.”


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4 thoughts on “Love For Bloggers

  1. Bernie Delaney

    “this writer, who seems to be my soul-brother/sister, did it, therefore I can, too.”

    Encouraging others and learning from others is so important, this is a very welcome piece of writing.

    Thank you Nadine for all your help and support, I appreciate it so much.

    Liked by 1 person

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