Write On

Dear friends,

If you ever wonder if you should keep a journal, or if you ever think, “is it worthwhile; is there a point to it, if it’s only for me”? Yes, yes, it is worthwhile. Even if “only” for you. You shall bring yourself great joy and awakening this way, even through writing down all the gloom and doom that must be purged; and one day you may look back upon the path you travelled round and round, and remember the joy you found after clearing your mind, and you may re-awaken yourself. And the light you find inside yourself will make you brighter throughout the day, benefitting everyone around you.

Write on. Write now. And Happy Winter.

Love xo N


Image: author’s own.

8 thoughts on “Write On

    1. Thanks for your comment Matthew! Do you journal daily? What’s your process and which app or paper system do you use, if you don’t mind my asking? (If you’ve already blogged about it, please feel free to leave a link.) Thanks again 🙂

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      1. I’m really no great shakes at journal writing to be honest! I’ve got a nice notebook (one of many that I’ve not yet found a use for!) and after every study session I try and note down what I’ve read along with the salient points. It definitely helps to order my thoughts but it does require discipline (in which I’m sorely lacking!).

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        1. Dear Matthew this is wonderful thank you so much! I love that you use notebooks. Sometimes they are so much easier. I think I should return to those for some things. It’ll mean stashing all the half-used ones in a box and starting fresh I guess, rather than figuring out which one to continue with. That’s been my blocker!

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  1. I used book type journals for years, and today they’re so beautiful and hard to resist buying! My daughter and I have moved around a bit, and they get lost in the moving, which may be a blessing in disguise.

    Now, I use an online journal called Penzu. I’m sure they have an app. I noticed the other day they offer a ‘time capsule’ where you write a letter to yourself, but cannot open it for one year. I’m going to do that. xxx

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    1. I totally hear you on the beautiful journals, but I can’t seem to write freely in them! I used to only be able to write in beater notebooks, and now it’s digital all the way. I used to love ViJournal but it’s no longer supported. I still use it sometimes anyway and then save it to Scrivener or DayOne to back it up, for the day that it “breaks” completely (each system upgrade means ViJ works less well). Oh wow, that time capsule idea sounds really neat! Nice to know about other options like Penzu. Thanks so much for sharing your process!! This is great! xoxox

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