The Fool on the Hill

It’s an awful feeling, to feel you’re insane because you find yourself looking at and listening to the pieces of world that none of us wants to see, nor hear. And suddenly you get glimpses of a bigger picture, though you have no idea how all the pieces fit together; they just do. And you, being newly tuned in as you are and yet still ignorant as a child about it all, begin telling everyone you encounter about this bigger picture you’ve seen. Soon, you’re raving like a fool.

It’s a worse feeling, when the people you’re raving to begin to look at you like you’re the sanest person around, no matter how insane you sound. Their eyes open a little wider; it’s like something wakes up inside, and they begin to really look and listen.

Then you truly want to run for the hills. Why? Because you have no idea what you’re doing, and you know that if they listen and watch long enough, they’re going to see you fall flat on your face. Over and over again.

And they won’t like you. At least, that’s what you believe. And it hurts not to be liked.

“The man with the foolish grin / is keeping perfectly still.” — Paul McCartney

Have you ever tried to be that man? After a while, that hurts, too. After a while, you’ve got to make a move. No matter how foolish.



The Fool on the Hill by The Beatles, 1967

Post Image: The Fool on the Hill by Sam Del Russi via

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