LOVING WordPress BackAlleys’ New Petrol-Blue (& Fuchsia “Publish”) Theme Colours…

wordpresspetrolfuchsiathemecoloursbywp&njl@bloomwords.com(0235)Just had to be said. :)) Did anyone else notice this subtle-ish change on the WP editor/reader dashboard today? Any other thoughts/opinions/emotional responses? 😀

Seriously these are two of my favourite colours.

Before, if I remember right, the header and side menu were a kind of medium-ish, “bank” blue; the “Publish” button was orange; the “liked” stars were yellow, and the world map (on the “Stats” page) had countries in oranges, yellows and reds. All good, too, but feeling a bit faded in comparison to this sudden, deep-vamped look.

Now, the header and side menus are a deep, rich petrol blue, the “Publish” button is fuchsia, which makes for a vivid change; the “liked” stars match the header to keep things clean; the maps are shades of grey.

Love love love.

Minimal modern intense. Perrrfick.

P.S. Option to get rid of the fuchsia, if you’re not a fan.

P.P.S. Alleyways


Image: NJL/WP Classic Bright/Sketchbook

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