What if?

What if the darkness you’re experiencing were similar to the obligatory contracting of a star, in order to create a big bang? I mean in the sense of particles, light, impact resulting in expanding reach and connection; i.e. creation.

Yes it’s a common enough idea, and a common metaphor (well in my own thought trains at least), but perhaps not said often enough. We need to embrace these periods of dark feelings and times, and the only way we can do this is by using our understanding of natural forces and how they work. Things are never static but always expanding or contracting.

For example, this past week has been difficult for me. It’s a common malaise, yet I feel I have no right to feel this way. I have the bottom layers of the pyramid taken care of, so what’s my problem?

As always, though, the more we beat ourselves up for this mentality the deeper down into darkness we pound ourselves. What we need is vision, to replace the self-beating… realize that this is just a swirl on a fractal arm, this is only a section of life. It has at once no meaning and limitless meaning… what matters is what you do now in this moment, cradled and incubated always within your vision of brighter times.

If you have no vision yet? then just do one good thing, and let the good thing lead to another good thing, and so on and so on, and suddenly you’ll find yourself in greener fields, full of flowers

Dandelion timelapse — drawing by Leenie Wilcox

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