Optimization & the Grammarian

was up at 07:00 (since went to bed at 01:30) but went to check out WordPress for results on post, only 4 likes and as many views. Wasn’t showing up in my reader feed like new posts normally do. Something wrong with keywords, maybe too many. 15 (keywords + categories combined) is the max on WP.  Removed the word “viral” from the title and also from the keywords in case WP punishes for that. Skimmed a couple of interesting articles on WP help files.

There’s a lot of info in there, if you want to optimize views.

Me, I’m not so sure about optimizing anymore. It’s a lot of work, an art form in itself, and I don’t know if it gets you where you want to be. I choose that word purposefully — “be” — rather than “go.” Because ultimately we’re happiest if we’re just being, not striving; if we’re making the world a bit better for the beings in our immediate vicinity, not trying to gain the attention of far-off views. Why do so many of us crave achievement and fame?

I have always craved to be loved and admired and praised, as many of us do, I suppose; I guess it’s become conditioned response. So it’s just a habit energy I’m working on. I have also always been terrified of achieving success, and of suffering from the consequences of it.

Is this another post? yes it feels like it.

What if I gave up proper grammar and punctuation and capitalization? The grammar-nut and editor in me would… what? Well she would delight, I think.

The grammarian has taken up a corner of my mind to read texts excitedly in a cozy armchair with reading glasses. She no longer judges with pen in hand; she just devours words, and she thrills at the beauty of dialects and language… yes she is lost, is our little grammarian. No not lost, she is here now, saying sure leave that one capital above uncapitalized, sure why not; she is saying oh I love that semi-colon, lovely; she is saying write for yourself and the world will be pleased.



Post image by me, in “collaboration” with Bitmoji

13 thoughts on “Optimization & the Grammarian

  1. strider48

    Interesting! I’m still very new to all this. I’ve never thought of using tags, categories are simply for me to group posts together and I have no idea how these trigger views or comments.

    My grammarians sit, one on each shoulder, watching every word as I type it and commenting savagely on duplication, tautology or misappropriation as well as capitalisation and punctuation.

    Do you have any suggestions as to what I should read to educate myself?

    Asking for a friend.

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    1. Ah wonderful, Strider. I will make a post on it, I remember some things I came across, for your friend. :)) As for your grammarians, have you ever tried Morning Pages to get past those?


      1. strider48

        I’m afraid that grammatical rules are hardwired into my brain. MBH was for a while a member of The Plain English Society and used to write answers to parliamentary questions for Margaret Thatcher.

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        1. Impressive! MBH = My Better Half? Well if it’s any comfort, my own BH is possibly the most (inadvertently) brutal critic of my work (back when I used to show him), besides myself, and still I managed to get past all that with morning pages.

          I wrote a post by the way, with the links to articles, for your friend :)) — or for anyone else whom it might help here on WordPress.

          Thanks so much for your comments Strider, very conversationally stimulating as always!

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