It’s important to give zero f*cks (at certain times, in certain places).

Hello. I hope you don’t mind the language in my title. And that was the tame version. But this is important! And a little swearing is great for getting the attention of the core brain. I don’t think it should be over-used though.

Anyway, I want to remind myself and others that it’s quite important, if we wish to write well, to give zero fucks what anyone thinks — at the time of writing, at least.

Publishing is another matter. We don’t want to deliberately hurt anyone  — though sometimes we will, even inadvertently.

For example, anyone of my beloved fellow bloggers could at this moment think I am writing about them, and feel worried or irritated or something. But I’m not actually writing about them(/you).  Or rather, I am, in the sense that you are one of we, and we are all one. But I’m not writing about, nor to, any one specific person at this moment, except perhaps myself.

Sometimes it gets very exciting when someone follows our blog or otherwise interacts with it, and we might try to tailor posts to that one entity. This has happened to me many times since I started blogging here at WP, and before that, at Medium. I love seeing what other writers are up to, following their blogs, communicating with them.

But it when it comes to your writing, giving too many fucks can completely (inadvertently) derail your original mission. Which is fine if you love switching tracks regularly (as I used to), or if you’re not sure where you’re headed (I’ve been there, too). But it’s not fine if you’ve set a destination and you want to reach it.

While chatting with other voyagers makes the journey all the more delightful, and therefore worthwhile and doable, you must stay on course. You’re in your own boat. Paddle it steadily the fuck on.


*EDIT: Note: I used an asterisk in the title’s f-bomb so as not to cause unintended linguistic injury to people scrolling along the “read feed” in WordPress Reader.

You may also like this version, first published to Github the other day:

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9 thoughts on “It’s important to give zero f*cks (at certain times, in certain places).

  1. This is spot on! I am better at being economical with the fucks I give now that I’m sober but sometimes need to have a stern word with myself and my people-pleasing tendencies. Yes, we should (I believe – just like you) take care to never deliberately hurt or needlessly upset people, but not at the cost of our own integrity. I needed to read this today! Great post and very excited that I found your blog. *waving excitedly* Anna x

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  2. whenmarsmetsaturn

    Hehe, the asterisk in the title adds to the effect as well 🙂
    I like the boat metaphor. The water is vast, and changing one’s course to suit everyone’s aesthetic makes the journey longer and more difficult… perhaps impossible? Staying true to oneself is what’s important. I sometimes get carried away and forget this.

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