Back to mud… and love

I have to dial it back. I made a bunch of small and large-ish goals and announced them here on the window-ledge of this blog, and the announcing of them ruined them in my mind and withered them and left them neglected. They had light but no water. I guess the experts were right.

Many of us out here come to this point where we feel overwhelmed and ashamed of our steadily increasing lack of motivation and thus declining achievement with respect to our announced goals, and we now think we had best disappear completely. Just wipe out the sill and maybe even the window. Maybe even move to a different house or try a new name.

I suggest something else, for myself at least:

Absolution from all stated personal goals.

Don’t remove the sill nor the house, but instead, move the withered blooms. Take them off the stage where they lie dying and quietly put them in a nice patch of fertile soil at the back of the yard. Water them quietly, if you wish. Or simply pray for rain. Perhaps you will tend to them, after that, perhaps not; perhaps they will survive and even thrive, perhaps not; but you need not put them on display.

How much love could you live, if you felt free from your self-assigned tasks and announcements?

I’m going to find out.

Happy belated Valentine’s.

Let’s love ourselves then love the world.


Image by the author