Accidental publish!

Hi guys! When I went online this morning I saw, to my dismay, that a post I was still in the middle of editing got PUBLISHED this morning!! Argh argh argety argh! But lol. So “me.”

It’s the post that responds to Tom’s post about the Mystery Blogger Award in which he kindly included me, nearly two weeks ago.

The day I saw Tom’s post, I whipped off some thanks, answers, questions and blog recommendations, but I couldn’t quiiiite finish adding the links to the posts and recommended blogs, due to general life stuff that had to be done as well. So I didn’t publish it that day. And as usually happens if I don’t hit publish the same day,  I fell into a flurry of “not good enough,” especially because I would be linking to a bunch of other blogs/posts, and began over-editing it. The thing has about 5 completely different-flavoured versions, not counting minor changes!

Anyway, to bypass this problem I decided to try scheduling the post (thereby enforcing a finite deadline).

But following that scheduling, last night, I changed my mind about the image I wanted to use for the post. Sigh.  Also, last night, I saw another blog I loved and wanted to add it to the list. (You know how these things go!)  So I unscheduled the post (thereby bypassing my own bypass!) — or at least, I thought I had! — because it was late, and I was too tired to make the changes.

Anyway, this morning, like I said, I went online and was bombarded with my own notifications of my own pingbacks (which means that all the other blogs I tagged were pinged as well)!!!  (So the un-scheduling had not been successful.) Not knowing what else to do, I made the post private for now, since it was still in mid-edit and I have NO CLUE which version to publish.

I’m documenting all this in the name of honesty…

And to apologize any pingback notifications you might have received that might now lead to dead links…

And in the meantime praying for help from the springtime gods to help me finally “let go of” and “give birth” to this now-colossal post.

Can anyone relate? How do you get through these kinds of editing hazards?


xo n


9 thoughts on “Accidental publish!

  1. Bernie Delaney

    Oh, Nadine, I can 100% relate.

    Sometimes I have published blog posts by accident too. Hitting ” Publish” instead of “Update”. It’s mortifying.

    Other times I hit publish late at night, tired eyes think it’s okay. But next morning I’m like WTF, this is pure drivel.

    In both cases, it’s desperate re-editing to try to salvage something from the sunken ship.

    Bernie, in sympathy 🙂

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    1. Love you for this Bernie. I’m still WTF-ing over the end result… the problem with having edited (other than just typo-fixes) is I have all these versions mingled together and they make no sense at all in the end… and finally I’m not at all proud or happy with the end result, even after publishing! Thanks, though, for your sympathy, definitely helps. 💛 By the way I LOVED your photo-journal post the other day, on “filling the frame” — those photos were all amazing but I most loved the one with the woman peeking over the fan! Your blog doesn’t seem to allow comments from the “back end” here in Reader so I was meaning to go back via the “front end” and leave a comment but I forgot, sorry. 😔 Anyone reading this, do check out Bernie’s blog!

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      1. Bernie Delaney

        Oh, I didn’t know people couldn’t comment from the back end…That’s a pain. Makes me appreciate you and everyone else who comments here even more!
        Sometimes I get mixed up with different versions too, mainly because I might edit something on here and then forget to update the Medium version. Or vice versa.
        Love your Bloomworlds blog, always look forward to your posts xxx

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