Tell him you haven’t forgotten

—  There. So I have written that. But where am I going with it? It’s too long. I am flummoxed. I fear doing it the wrong way. I have not interviewed anyone about their writing before. Well at least not in writing, nor officially. Only informally, while standing in swimming pools as the children splashed about, running my fingers through the water’s edges, or while leaning against desks in brightly lit classrooms. I should read everything he ever wrote first. No that doesn’t make sense. It is for me to tease the lost threads of both old and new stories from him. Otherwise it’s a review, not an interview. How do I proceed? I should take a journalism course. I should have majored in Journalism in university. Or Literature, or even fashion design at least as I was perhaps meant to do. Why did I take Linguistics? Because it was easy and I was afraid of failing. And now I will make a mess of everything. No, don’t be silly, old girl, you’re fine. You’ve listened to so many great interviewers. Even if the tiniest iota of all that listening sank in, it can’t be all bad. Sent him an email. Tell him you haven’t forgotten.

Notes from a writing journal. Stardate 96745.1 

Nadine inhales & exhales words & images from current vantage point in Zone of Emptiness, France. If you wish to contribute and/or show appreciation, please recommend/like and/or comment — or send email via the contact page.

7 thoughts on “Tell him you haven’t forgotten

  1. Love it! And you can do it! Having spent six years publishing a monthly magazine, I got very comfortable with interviews – the magazine included an interview in every issue because I thought people would find them interesting (and they did). One of my finer moments was interviewing a famous musician; at the end of it, he said, “This is one of the most interesting interviews I’ve ever done! You asked me questions no one has ever asked me in all these years.” Every time I think of that, I smile.

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    1. Oh I love this thank you, I’m sitting here hovering over the publish button on what I’ve got, though I haven’t even finished the interview yet partly because it somehow is becoming a kind of novella and I don’t want it to end, and partly because I know that last statement is crazy and I should just do the interview in normal fashion, and partly because I’m still reading his work and still enjoying it so much, and partly because of all these other life things and projects going on… anyway, your words are very spurring in a good way, thank you :)) <33

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