Galaxies & being mindful while dropping asteroids

I am sitting on the sofa downstairs in the living room. I woke up at 04:00 and lay in bed for nearly two hours, writing in my head.

The awful thing about writing in my head is it’s so much work that by the time I come to the page, I’m tired and don’t want to write anymore. I also feel very overwhelmed with all I’ve set for myself to do, and it feels like the tasks are building and building like a spiral galaxy spinning out from my central core. Hey that’s a nice way of putting it. Thanks, universe.

Before, I was thinking octocat, actually. I am an octocat — a central hub of activity; my tentacles in too many places at once. But if I think of it like a spiral galaxy, that each of us is like a spiral galaxy, with sparks of creativity flying outwards from our centres, ultimately forming their own lives and galaxies, I feel less controlling and thus more relieved.

Spiral Galaxy (image source: Wikipedia): “The galaxy’s portrait is actually composed of 51 individual Hubble exposures, in addition to elements from images from ground-based photos.”

By the way I was watching an amazing series with my youngest kid the other day. I found it because he was asking about the craters on the moon, while we were on our morning walk. The moon was still visible, a greyish-white half-disk in the thin, day-blue sky.

That led to questions about the solar system, galaxies, and life on other planets, and at home I tried to draw it all out for him on paper (but ran out of space, so to speak) and then thought, “YouTube must have the perfect video for explaining the universe to kids,” and subsequently found this channel which is indeed perfect, not only for kids, but also for non-science-y, creative-ADD-afflicted adults with four-minute attention spans, like me.

So we watched some of them together. Then we did the asteroid experiment, and, long story short, I fell off the kitchen table and crashed on my head like an asteroid. Yes I was sober. Or maybe just sun-drunk (as Ellen calls it in the comments of this post; the weather was amazing last week). I’m a huge klutz.

We have to learn to give up control. That is the most important thing to remember. When we feel overwhelmed, it’s because 1) we’ve made too many promises, and 2) we’re afraid of failure.

At least, that’s what the universe is telling me right now. But:

Be mindful of not losing your balance, while tottering at the table’s edge dropping asteroids!

(Feels like that should have one of those “Tweet this” widgets after it, along with a link to a flat-earth web page)

When overwhelm happens I know I’ve got to 1) stop making promises, 2) tackle the promises I’ve already made, 3) notify people involved that I’m working on it, and 4) pray.

By pray I mean give reverent gratitude for all the good things, and ask for guidance from the great CPU (Creative Power of the Universe). That is one of my own names for god. Not white-bearded god (though I do love white-bearded gods; mainly because my dad is one, and he taught me most of what I know about galaxies) but flower-petalled, molecular, god-particled god; i.e. the One in everything and all of us.


xo n

p.s. Thank you so much for reading, liking, commenting, and for putting up with my creative ADD. Y’all are the bomb.

p.p.s. I love this song:

Galaxies by Laura Veirs



Nadine inhales & exhales words & images from current vantage point in Zone of Emptiness, France. If you wish to contribute and/or show appreciation, please recommend/like and/or comment — or send email via the contact page. Thank you for reading. ❤︎

14 thoughts on “Galaxies & being mindful while dropping asteroids

  1. Sounds like that moment where you fell off the kitchen table in order to explain asteroids will become part of the family legend. You know, one of those, “Do you remember the time…” moments.

    Some of my best writing takes place in my head. And dissolves in the presence of pen and paper or computer. You’re just going to have to take my word on that.

    I thought an octocat was my cat and his friend Tyler. Cat. Eight legs. Shows what I know

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  2. What a lovely post Nadine, you took me for a galaxy short trip now and it’s 5:03 pm here! ❤ our minds by themselves are a small unique galaxies full of shiny stars and a lot of wonderful stuff ( and some bad stuff too lol) but let’s just focus on the beautiful things😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Just seeing this now, thank you Nassima!!! ❤️🤩🌌✨WP notifications doesn’t seem to show all my comments lately or else I am missing them somehow. Yes let’s, indeed, well as much as possible, anyway. 😁 xoxo

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