Singing up the sun

21 March 2019 at 06:56
Bed: around 22:40
Woke: around 04:30
FOF: 05:25

Done since then: calisthenics, yoga, some small affirmation. Stuck head out northwestern skylight to see the moon. The sky was turning medium blue from black with stars. The moon was a great round white lantern, one hand-width above the western horizon. Now the sun is rising, as I write this, over an hour later. Its golden light has filled the southern skylight well. The light is golden peach upon the white wall.

The woman in the moon was singing toward the east, when I saw her. Perhaps she brought up the sun. She will just be sinking now, below the western horizon.

What have I done since looking at the moon? Instead of write, I was distracted by Twitter, which I’d left open in a browser yesterday. I saw a Tweet from a writing friend, Erika, her article was curated by Medium’s editors. It was a beautiful little piece with gorgeous photographs, about a red hummingbird. I read it and clapped and commented on Medium. Then I notice that one of my old pieces on Medium has 501 claps. This is the first time any piece of mine has achieved 500 claps on Medium. At least, as far as I know. I have not checked the other pieces yet. 501 claps from 46 people (on Medium, each reader may give up to 50 claps for a piece, though mostly only fellow publishing writers on the platform are aware of this).

It feels very nice to get appreciation for work. The work itself is nice too, but it can feel empty if it’s put out there and not noticed. I feel very, very grateful to those people who take the time to respond in some way. Here on WordPress also. Without that I would still continue writing, yes; but I don’t know if I would continue publishing. I don’t think I’m selfless enough for that. I need some kind of immediate reward. At the moment there is no monetary pay. So I accept the likes/claps/comments gladly when I receive them.

While I’m in Medium I see that I have a bunch of unfinished drafts over there. One is a series of vignettes describing my experience with three of my children at a zen camp. I am glad I did not publish it months ago, when I was working on it. I’d taken the original journal entries and mangled them completely with over-editing. Over-editing is my worst problem when it comes to my own work. I want to erase myself, I want to cleanse myself, and in so doing I defile myself and the work.

I have done my calisthenics and yoga and walk every day this past week and a half.  I do that for mental health more than physical.


xo n

Edit/P.s. Here is a photo I took of the moonrise, the evening of the day this post was written. It rose in the east, near where the sun had risen before, and it was huge and spectacularly full and orange. It was more spectacular than in this photo, because the sky was a deep blue, not black as it appears here. The moon rose from behind a thin-veiled sea of magenta clouds on the horizon.


Nadine inhales & exhales words & images from current vantage point in Zone of Emptiness, France. If you wish to contribute and/or show appreciation, please recommend/like and/or comment. Thank you for reading. ❤︎

5 thoughts on “Singing up the sun

  1. It always amazing how fast the time flies when I am sitting down to write and allow myself to be distracted. Then when I start the writing, times slows to a snails pace and every bit of what gets put on paper flows like lead…..Still. I love doing it. Keep it up Nadine, life goes by too fast as it is. Dr. Bob

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    1. You’re so kind! I don’t know about productive. I let myself get really distracted that morning, though it was (as always) a welcome distraction. And it’s definitely manufactured vim. 😉 Or at least an ancient vim rekindled through new habits started several years ago.

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