The edge that actually touches space

what am I looking for? I am looking for validation
that I exist
that I am all right
that I am noticed
that I am good
that I am wanted
that my content is wanted
that my content is good
that my shell is then good
that I may show my shell
that my meat is good
that I may expose my meat
that I may lie on the road broken
and someone might pick me up
that my heart may beat
that they might examine my heart
that they might consider it good to eat
that they may swallow my heart
carry it away, my heart inside their blood
that I may be carried away
to the fathoms and heights of the earth
that I may get closer, through the excrement of worms
to that solid core of fire
and through the exhalations of birds
to that nitrogen rich aura

the one that actually touches space
though we can’t see it.

of course
we have auras
if the earth has one
so I don’t need to lie broken on the road
I can just be, here, feeling my aura expand

letting you in




Nadine inhales & exhales words & images from current vantage point in Zone of Emptiness, France. ❤︎

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