The muddle

Who is this person?

What a mess

I am so proud of her

She did whatever it took

To leave her perfect shell

And make art

She was mostly kind along the way

Imperfect but

Kind and


Now it is time

To clean up



Nadine inhales & exhales words & images from current vantage point in Zone of Emptiness, France. Thank you for reading. ❤︎

18 thoughts on “The muddle

      1. One of the reasons that the haiku form appeals to me is that I am much too verbose and in love with my own prose, to ever be much of a poet. Still, you are writing from your gut, and that is “real” poetry. Dr. Bob

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        1. Well I disagree on the part about your over-verbosity and not being much of a poet… your prose or what I know of it seems just the right length, and if I remember right I saw some mad and gorgeous poetry in some paintings you made on another site you once shared, in a link somewhere (can’t find it now for the life of me)… as for your words on my poetry, this really means a lot to me, thank you dr. b

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        2. Thank you, I might re-name my tulpa, Nadine….! I like to be appreciated, but then who doesn’t. I once participated with friends in so political writing on Facebook, and Wow, people who don’t appreciate, do so, so rudely. Blogging is definitely more rewarding. Thanks for being you. Dr. Bob

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    1. Thanks for the vote of solidarity, Matthew, for me it certainly almost always does feel like that! I thought it would get easier by now but the only thing that got easier was actually hitting the “Publish” button! I still have a lot of learning to do — mostly involving not hitting the publish button quite so much. ;))

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    1. Just seeing this now, thanks to a kind friend recently liking this post… thank you for the comment! I think I kind of get what you mean… intentional kindness is better than over-sharing? Something like that? Thanks again for the visit. :))


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