Birds’ nests & oak beams

So the morning is just beautiful here, lush and green and with a rumply wet grey sky, I adore that kind of late spring morning, it reminds me of home, my homeland in Canada on the southwest coast. The birds, the birds are trilling clearly, busy collecting twigs and bits of my hair for their nests, I don’t know where they find my hair, oh yes, I do! It’s from the bagless vacuum emptyings. In the fall we will find some of the nests tossed out of the trees. My hairs in the nests are white and blond. Each nest is a small work of art, moss and twigs and dried grasses and small feathers… and my hair.

T has found a nest in one of the old beam slots in the former cattle shed, that incredible man has raised the ceiling in there to full height, as I once requested, and now the floors above are even with the others. He hefted the beams himself, I don’t know how he did it, I used to try to help with these things but he is not much one for giving directions so I was mostly in the way and now I just write instead lol. While he does things in the real world. Look, just outside the window there are some very young trees, I don’t know what kind, it always vexes me when I don’t know the name of a tree or a flower. They are very young and strong and leafy from their bottoms to their tops, with very small, multi-lobed leaves, could they be oak? my husband would know, for he is like an oak himself, and can always spot one. He will mow around any new oak in the yard, always preserving it, but the alders he treats like grass and cuts them down. Whatever little trees they are, outside this window, they are now beginning to bloom, small pinkish white flower clusters appearing. Even something as masculine as an oak will have blossoms.

The nest in the former cattle shed is tucked into one of the old beam slots that is now not otherwise used, and there are five eggs in it. T put up a ladder next to it so I could see, and so I could take a photo before they hatch. Of course we must be careful not to touch the eggs, otherwise the parents will not return to care for them. I used the flash over it, to better see the nest itself, and I can see that my hair is doing a good job of keeping the eggs cradled and warm while the mama and papa birds are temporarily away making music and eating bugs.


12 thoughts on “Birds’ nests & oak beams

  1. Just lovely to read first thing in the morning! Beautifully descriptive imagery! I can hear and see those little birds! Not sure what phone you have but I have an App on my phone called PlantSnap which I use to identify plants and flowers. I think you can get an App for identifying trees as well.

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  2. I remember reading somewhere that if you want to better see the birds’ nests in your area to put out cotton balls. The nests will stand out because of the white in them. You’ve managed to find an even better way contribute. Very cool!

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  3. I, too, have the desire to know the names of things I see. I think perhaps that it gets in the way of grokking the phenomenon in the moment. Is it enough that my soul gets to experience this creation, or does my ego need to have a part in it? I haven’t answered the question yet, but I do know that my head is full of names. Maybe not knowing perseveres the mystery. Thanks for your beautiful writing. Dr. Bob


    1. dear D.B., there is so much I loved about reading your comment this morning but perhaps the word “grokking” is the biggest gift to my consciousness. I suppose that is ironic. But I love to have a word for this feeling… thank you holodoc <33


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