For my sisters

I see you
I hear you
I know you

I am lucky, I have a freedom perhaps you do not have
I will tell you that even if you do not have this freedom
Know that you are as worthwhile.

The way you cut tomatoes is just fine
Your thoughts are as valid
Your way is as pure and good.

Follow your inner nature
stay safe as necessary
but inside, rise shining in your heart.
Channel the Tiger.
The tiger is in you, it is wild, free, quiet, waiting.

you conserve your energy, in the day

and at night, when the darkness is as a shroud
see the moon, follow it in your mind
know your path
act as is in your heart
to act.

Know that the earth loves you.
Know you belong to it, and to it only
That the tree sees you as an angel
that the soil sees you as a flower, as you tend to it
that the sun kisses your hair, when it shines
the rain is loving every inch of you, when it pours
that god-energy is in the air you breathe
filling your lungs

and no one
can take this knowledge

particle to particle
lust to dust.

12 thoughts on “For my sisters

    1. Thanks Joseph ❀︎
      Lol yes, in my (albeit limited) experience, scientists believe tomatoes should be cut latitudinally to preserve the structural integrity of the slices, while artists prefer the aesthetics of slicing downward while staring at the green star of the top of the tomatoes (thus longitudinally, though there is no thought of this while cutting; only thoughts of how to write about it or paint it later) ;))

      Liked by 1 person

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