14:54, France

I’ve lost my writing mojo

What happened to it? Blogging killed it

I became

an updater, a networker, a friend, a show-off

a like-hound.

I found something new, lost something old

I came to care for you

more than stories told.

The art that rose inside me had bloomed.

I used to type as spirit filled the room

I used to publish with excitement and gloom

I did not care if I rhymed, nor if I didn’t.

I released the truth entombed.

I stumbled down a well then left it there. I did not care to finish where

I’d left off; and then I lost myself. Tapping rocks together. finding something new, a new green shoot

at the bottom. of a great green tree

whose leaves, blown off in fall, were bare all winter, then budded with the spring

I speak in riddles as always

because the meaning is clear. I lost you dear. I missed you here.

Something sad is growing in my heart. it’s a start.

may I return

to find the morning glory? Or must I find another way to tell my story


my dreams bend on as in a river.

steep with gold and meteorites buried beneath them.




Nts: I am experiencing this weird thing I’ve heard about ;)) called writer’s block and this was my method of unblocking. Method: note the time of day, begin typing. Hit publish.

p.s. Pizza Party are you out there? Please come back to the world of words. Miss your funny face.

Nadine inhales & exhales words & images from current vantage point in Zone of Emptiness, France. Thank you for reading. ❤︎




17 thoughts on “Mojo

  1. (mojo = a Cuban sauce or marinade containing garlic, olive oil, and sour oranges)

    This morning I experienced some internal turbulence concerning my own writing. Too early to say anything about it. /Göran

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  2. I do this thing. I select a tag and then scroll through the posts until I find a strong first sentence. You snagged me. Your mojo isn’t totally lost. So many times I’ve declared myself dead as a writer only to resurrect a few days later with a story or poem I really like. Hang in there, the writer is taking a nap.

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  3. I have contacted the writing mojo sorceress and she replied: “Nadine has lots of writing mojo deep within, soon to be tapped and explored. It’s the changing weather drifting her feelings. And since she’s true to her writing, cherished with feelings, she will soon sync in with the weather and exhale Blooming thoughts.” 👏 👏 🤗🤗🤗👊👊🌻🌼🌷🌹

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  4. “I’ve lost my writing mojo
    What happened to it? Blogging killed it”

    Yes. UGH!

    Once again you’ve written my life exactly. How do you do it?

    (we do hope that it’s only wounded, hiding and licking it’s wounds, not dead. that would be a travesty.)

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