If you’ve ever wondered what you would have done

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To everyone out there who is standing with me and @brenebrown and @glennondoyle and @cherylstrayed and @marieforleo and @together.rising to fight for these detained children: GOD BLESS YOU. We raised over one million dollars in a single day. Many of these donations were “only” five dollars —the most that many of you, struggling in your own difficult circumstances, could afford. I have been moved to tears by the number of you who donated, despite saying that you have no money in surplus for yourselves right now. You are heroes. And I have been staggered by the number of you who have donated from overseas. America is not even your country — our pathologies are not even your problem! —and yet you are donating to @together.rising, to help out. In doing so, you are not only helping these 13,000 desperate and imprisoned children; you are helping America save her own soul. Thank you. We need every single one of you.❤️ For those of you who have not yet donated, and who are still feeling sick and helpless about this crisis, let remind you what WE are doing. We are rising up together. We are raising money to help fund a team of lawyers, led by the extraordinary Holly Cooper (of UC Davis Immigration Law Clinic) to ferociously advocate for these helpless, terrified children. Holly and her team are among the few advocates who are even allowed into these ICE Detention Centers. They’ve seen the horrors firsthand. They’ve already had success getting some sick children out of detainment—including a baby who would’ve died already without their intervention. They are also fighting in the courts against the very officials who are responsible for these atrocities. (In other words, to paraphrase Desmond Tutu: They are not merely pulling drowning people out of the river; they are going upstream to find out who is pushing them in.) If you’ve been wondering how to help out in this humanitarian disaster, I can assure you that donating to @together.rising is an efficient, powerful way to do it. Join the thousands of us who refuse to stand by as this crime against humanity is committed before our eyes. The link to DONATE is in my bio. Every dime is for the children. Join us. I love you

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Isn’t that crazy? Isn’t that last part paraphrasing Desmond Tutu powerful? Dear friends and fellow artists, I am interrupting irregular programming to share this incredibly important message. This is something that has been on my mind for more than a year now. And as much as we might want to ignore it or forget about it, it is still happening.

It’s about the US border children. Perhaps you’ve heard of them? It’s real. There are over 13,000 migrant children who have been cruelly separated from their parents and put into detention centres around the country. The parents have no idea what has happened to them. They are not being tracked. Prison guards are in charge of babies who can’t access their parents nor have any clue what is happening to them. There have been allegations of abuse. It’s not right. It’s inhumane. It’s horrific.

But what can we do about it? Today on Instagram, I saw that the team of creative activist women who have unknowingly pulled me along on their journey (mostly kicking and screaming) via their enlightening example, has a way we can help. Please, please click this link, watch this video (or don’t) and then DO head on over to https://togetherrising.org/how-you-can-help-end-child-detention-horrors-today/. Donate. Anything. As little as FIVE DOLLARS can help.

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Posting this again. PLEASE DON’T TURN AWAY. We can help. I want to share with you excerpts from an email that my friend @glennondoyle sent today to me, @brenebrown, @marieforleo, and @cherylstrayed. It’s about how we can all mobilize a response to the child imprisonment atrocity that is happening in America right now. People, READ THIS, and click the link in my bio to donate. Every dime goes to saving those children and holding evildoers accountable. Here is Glennon’s letter. “Dear Liz, Brené, Marie and Cheryl: You've no doubt seen the reports over the last week about the horrific conditions that 13,100 detained children are being imprisoned in by federal authorities right now. The @together.rising Board has dug in all week to determine the most effective way to step in to this crisis to both address the immediate emergency response to these dangerous conditions, and to fund a long-term strategy to ensure that these atrocities end. We have a plan, and it involves funding a legal team that has been working in this area for years, and because they are attorney of record in the FLORES settlement, are one of only a handful of legal teams in the world with the right to inspect CBP centers. Holly Cooper (co-director of the Immigration Law Clinic at UC Davis) and her team have been saving children’s lives and building class action cases to end this systemic and institutionalized abuse and to hold the administration accountable. Today our goal is to raise $240,000 to keep this work going for two more years. After exhaustive research, we believe that the best approach to this disaster is AND/BOTH: We need to get the suffering children out of the camps and to medical and trauma care. And we need to hold the bastards who put them there accountable. Holly and her team are AND/BOTH.” My friends, if you ever wondered what you would have done to help people during the time of slavery, the Holocaust, Apartied, or the Civil Rights Movement…now is the time to find out. Please join us on the right side of history. Click in my bio to DONATE. And please share this story, meme, and donation link with your own followers.

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In Elizabeth Gilbert’s words: “My friends, if you ever wondered what you would have done to help people during the time of slavery, the Holocaust, Apartied, or the Civil Rights Movement…now is the time to find out. Please join us on the right side of history. Click in my bio to DONATE [see immediately below]. And please share this story, meme, and donation link with your own followers.” https://togetherrising.org/how-you-can-help-end-child-detention-horrors-today/.

I am so grateful to these women for fighting this crazy battle. We have to help. Send the cost of a cup of coffee to the lawyers who are currently striving to do what we wish we could do.

Please help. Now. Five minutes. Five dollars. Do it now. Children need to be with their parents. Children should not be kept in cages. They should not be abused and/or starved. If your child or someone you loved was forcibly taken from you, against basic human rights, wouldn’t you hope that the world would do something about it? Now is your chance.




 The New York Times, June 24, 2019

““We’ve dipped far below the standard of care into the realms of just utter darkness,” said State Representative Terry Canales of Texas, a Democrat who contacted Border Patrol officials to ask what he and his staff could do to help. “We’re in a dark place as a nation, and it just breaks my heart.” — The New York Times, June 25, 2019


p.s. I wrote this post yesterday but didn’t publish it because I felt it was “not good enough.” But what I am learning is that “not good enough” gets good stuff done. Let’s do it. https://togetherrising.org/how-you-can-help-end-child-detention-horrors-today/

p.p.s. Check out this latest post from Glennon Doyle. It is working!!!! Let’s keep it working!!!

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Two Million Dollars. You raised $2,052,301 in two days for emergency response to, and long-term legal accountability for, the child detention crisis. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. . I love us. I have a vision of myself at eighty, sitting on my porch, thinking about how much good we did together, how much we laughed and cried and suffered and celebrated and sang and danced and served together and thinking: How did I get so lucky? To be on this earth with you. To be One Of Us. To spend my one wild and precious life in this glorious movement of fierce-hearted helpers. . We live in hard, scary times. It’s enough to break your heart. But heartbreak is love. And love is the most powerful force on this Earth. Together, let’s keep unleashing it on the world forever. . With Relentless Love, Fury & Gratitude, G & @together.rising . Also: We know many are just learning about this crisis and this fundraiser and will still want to donate. For the rest of the month, 100% of the donations @together.rising receives from you will go to emergency response and long-term strategy for detained children. Thank you. I love you. I love us all.

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Again, please go here: https://togetherrising.org/how-you-can-help-end-child-detention-horrors-today/

If you have already donated, as I have, thank you so much. So very very much.


xo n

Nadine inhales & exhales words & images from current vantage point in Zone of Emptiness, France. Thank you for reading. ❤︎

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