she had thought of arresting the gush

of exuberant heart swelling hot and overfilled


she would be serious now, as serious was called for.


once, she’d known the game and all the rules.

she played strategically with eyes wide,

mouth a continuous soft surprised shape —

gathering all garnered grace.


she became as roses and

zipped a dress over them petals

with a come-hither smile.


one day she grew tired of control.

burnt the poems in praising hand

unzipped the dress,

released the hoarded blooms

which fell to earth and

finding herself empty



out of it.


walking as teeming soil

beneath fine fractured skin

soaking in

sky’s unconditional

monsoon tears,

she was a garden



a vase.





Image source: Tumblr, but original artist appears to be Eva Patikian.

Inhaling & exhaling words & images from current vantage point in Zone of Emptiness, France. Thank you for reading. ❤︎

17 thoughts on “Continuance

  1. Hey, is this an ekphrastic poem? I ask because if you wrote that and just “happened” to find that feature image, WOW!

    Whatever the case, I love the imagery of hoarding, then spilling, the roses. How at first they filled her meaning, and then were merely bloating. And not because they were “bad” but because she had been looking at her role with the wrong eyes.

    Or, perhaps, I completely mis-read this. I’m not very gooder with the poetry despite my focus in college. That was a LONG time ago, so there’s a lack of practice, too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oooh, first encaustic and now ekphrastic… love the words you keep giving me! I think you’re much gooder at the poetry and art vocab, Aeryk…

      It started as a feelings vent and then the line with roses popped in but it was different than above (it was “she was made of roses” I think), but that line popping in reminded me of this dress-with-roses post image which I saw back in February (it truly is amazing is it not?), and thus which may have in fact inspired that line (unconsciously), and the poem began to (consciously) change from that point on… in the end, I really worked this one, a little too much perhaps… have mixed feelings my choice of end version…

      On second thought yes let’s go with ekphrastic poetry, that sounds a heck of a lot better. ;))

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  2. “Love is a Rose and you better not grab it!” a line from a song I once heard
    Flower, Garden or vase
    beautiful poetry
    doesn’t come close
    to describing your beautiful writing
    Nor you
    I love your beingness
    Dr. Bob

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah thank you Vanessa, yes the image is just amazing and I love hearing your feedback on the ending… I have another version that ended just the opposite. Thanks for your lovely presence here 😘🌷

      Liked by 1 person

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