Well prayer

you have to mean it,
when you get down and pray

the offering can’t be

I mean, that’ll work,
for getting material riches
if you want something more


you can’t just think, “I offer myself to you”
and then expect

to get high.

you have to drop down that well and

offer yourself, your soul
to some other driving force,

not yourself.

offer yourself into the collective heart
that throbs and pulses as
masses of thought in flesh
of emotion in iron

not saying it well

down the well you’ll go
to fetch the pail
of water but
it’s for the jacks of the world,
you’ll go

and the jacks’ll that’ll hoist you up.



Post image: by the amazing Words_not_spoken on Instagram (@the_words_not_spoken)

2 thoughts on “Well prayer

    1. You are so so so kind Matthew… thank you… ‘raw’ is spot on since it was a bit impromptu — but then that’s the only way I seem to be able to hit publish. Thanks again <33


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