Be the light

When you feel darkness, crowding in,

close your eyes and look no further outward.

Look within.

Be the light, you need and crave

and soon the shadows

will dissipate.






p.s. the path to internal light, is gratitude.

I’m grateful for my kids, who shine their light on me when I feel dim.

Image source: white lotus custom terrain, Planet Minecraft.

9 thoughts on “Be the light

    1. Thank you, and absolutely… in fact, after I published that, and was driving to pick up the kids, I thought of all the people I missed out… my husband, also this wonderful post I’d read shortly after writing this, this morning — by David Redpath: (“Change… Unchained”)… as well as all of you here on WordPress, who bring me cheer…

      Thanks for acting as a friend here, Kurt… I hope everyone else will follow your lead, if they so wish, and list the rest of the wonderful things to be grateful for


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