Like, stay in the light

“It’s just really hard sometimes when you make something and put it out there, and then it doesn’t get the likes-to-views ratio or whatever, that you maybe expected or hoped for.”

“Maybe it would be better to, like, make it in a big long book or something, and then just show it to one person.”

“That’s a really cool idea… except, then what if that person doesn’t have time to read it, or doesn’t feel like it? It’s funny, books and other long-form aren’t getting read as much these days. Think of that ‘mazing story from uncle so-and-so’s friend, the one he wrote ages and ages ago… we still haven’t read it. Why not? It’s weird. Maybe we want immediacy, we want to socialize publicly with the content as it gets created… maybe we want quick bits and bites.”

“Haha, bytes. But then maybe it’s better to share it with lots of people, a bit at a time, and like, lots of people might enjoy it or something.”

“Totally. It’s feels good to freely share…  but it hurts so much when people, like, don’t “like” it… and then it feels like you gave away this part of yourself for nothing, you’re all exposed and you have nothing left, except for… their rejection of you. That’s how I feel sometimes.”

“Yeah, that does sound bad… but um, maybe you have to like it yourself, no matter what.”

“Wow. That’s true. You know, you’re really wise, for ten years old… Okay, here we are. You do the paper, ‘kay? I’ll do the plastic and glass.”

“Can I get a gumball at the machine, when we do the grocery shop?”

“Um, I might not have a twenty-cent piece, but if I do, sure… if you like.”

“Yay! I like gumballs.”

“I do too.”

* * *

*Recycling run. Car talks, always good. Especially with your kids. They really listen!

Image: by Daria Shevtsova on, found by searching WP free image library for “gum”

NaNoWriMo novel notes (day 2): word count 3400 today, yesterday around 3000, bringing total to about 6400 so far, for the month. Word count is a mixture of “novel” text plus journalling; still don’t know how to separate one from the other, so just leaving it in one doc for now and count it together. Just like last two NaNo novel attempts (50K word-count, yes; finished book, no)… sigh. Now that I take time to document that, realize I’m veering off the track again.

Ah well. Nonfiction rebel all the way. I don’t have to publish it, after all. It’s just for fun, and most of all, it’s for further *finding* the way, on this crazy path called “life.”

Edit: oh wow this one is really unlikeable! One of the worst yet. 5 minutes, 5 views, no likes. Problem with image? Attitude? Context? Title? Typos? Who knows. Too many variables. Ah well. I “like” it. ‘Cause a gal ain’t never sweet all the time. (And changed last line.)

* * *

Nadine inhales & exhales words & images from current vantage point in Zone of Emptiness, France. Thank you for reading. ❤︎

11 thoughts on “Like, stay in the light

  1. I think a blog goes some way towards bridging the gap between immediacy and substance. Sits nicely in the middle! True about the vulnerability of putting your work out there. Every reaction is magnified in the mind of the writer. Every like justification, every hour without recognition is torture. *sigh* what a hobby 😉

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    1. Thanks for coming to the rescue with the voice of reason, Matthew; needed a bit of grounding. 😉

      I feel the same about blogging being the bridge… and a hobby. For most (certainly me included) it doesn’t pay, except perhaps (on good days) in personal satisfaction… and if we’re lucky, in community, via responses like yours (which save the bad days). 😊☔️

      Thanks for forgiving my rant. ❤︎ 😄


        1. Way too kind… but thank you. :)) And as for discipline, it’s all fine and dandy till it becomes obsession!! And too much pantsing. Going to have to step back and plot a bit, if I want it to be different from before.

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  2. I am going to read your book, the long form, when you publish it, even if I have to pay Amazon a premium for it. Why? Because, I already feel as if I know you and I will trust that your long form, tells a story which you want to share with me (and the thousands of others who are lucky enough to find it). Look, I don’t know you. I have never seen you in person. Never shaken your hand, touched your flesh, heard your laugh. And I have felt like have from your blog. Your postings, sometimes scattered, sometimes poetic, sometimes frank, always authentic, let me feel as if I know the real you. (If we were neighbors, I would definitely drop by to hang with you!). From the other people who comment on your site, I don’t believe that I am alone in feeling this way, you are special to me, and to us. Thank you, Dr. Bob

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    1. Aw!! Now my heart feels all smooshy. That sounds a bit juvey but I sincerely mean it. You’re the best, Dr. Bob. Thanks for your loveliness. And congrats on your recent book btw. Very inspiring accomplishment, to complete a project from start to finish like that. This is what I need to learn to do as well. 🙏❤︎


  3. I am hungry, verging on hangry, and was tickled by this post regardless. I was just going to dump a “love” heart comment and run. Or say “what they said ^^^”

    There’s an urgency that corrupts my own writing when I commit to a project with a time limit and word count. It corrupts my own perspective as much as the writing itself. I felt it the first day of NaNo. I hear some urgency here, though I don’t see corruption. There are any number of reasons why people don’t ‘like’ immediately. I have to remind myself of this too; being vulnerable is awkward and I’m having to learn new ways to sit with it. I’m going to eat before this becomes an essay, lol. Take heart and carry on. You’re awesome 😀 (and yay for children!)

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    1. So so so wonderful. I am illegally (against my own yesterday-written self-imposed social media rules) sneaking a peek at notifications, so also won’t write you an essay back, 😆but I love all that you said, and appreciate it so very much. Especially acknowledging hangryness. Maybe that was my problem. 😉😂 Thank you and thank you and yes, yay for kids. ❤️They make me crazy but also keep me sane. ;)) xoxoxoxo

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  4. I relate entirely to the clause of giving pieces of your mind for the world to read, or watch, or listen to and not being reciprocated in a way that is satisfactory, or agreeable, and sometimes even 100% humane. Its not so much about being ‘liked’ as it is about being acknowledged. I love it when people offer any variation of criticism, I think of it as daunting only when they lack reason, or reasonable expression. Loved this one, Nadine. 🙂

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