Interlude – My OCD (song)

I hereby interrupt (ir)regular programming with a musical break. My teenage son X recently introduced me to this delightful work of genius:

[My OCD – Song by Rett & Link]


(Wait… is he trying to send me… some kind of message???)

Gosh I love my kids.

And for the record, in this house it’s called OCO — Obsessive Compulsive Orderliness. (Lingo, people. It’s all about the NLP.)

Happy Tuesday!

And please know that if I could ever make things right, I would. For the entire Hubba-Bubba-lovin’ world.







27 thoughts on “Interlude – My OCD (song)

    1. Same here, Ellen. But then, we’d/they’d have to truly figure out who’s right, who’s wrong… and then the righting seems impossible. And then the writing seems impossible. But at least, music and laughter might help… and writings such as those on blogs like yours.

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      1. Ha! Everything in that video is something I’ve done, or do.

        I handle snacks a bit different. I might not line up my french fries, but I do make sure I eat them in equal sizes. I don’t separate into shapes the candy, but I do eat them according to flavor—green first (or last) as it’s my favorite.

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        1. LOL!!! Some more. I think we would have gotten along quite fine as siblings. Since I prefer blue. 😜
          I lately feel very OCO-off-kilter though, since mothering and menopause definitely have (thank goodness for the world? ;)) put a wrench in things. Back and forth the now Compulsively-Disordered pendulum swings.

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    1. AhahahaH! Please see my reply to Aeryk — I’m having issues lately. Sadly the OCO has migrated south for the winter — at least in our house. In my head it’s a different story. ProBably more OcD actuallY. 😁


  1. Hahahaha!!! This is too funny. They shouldn’t come to my house. “Clean enough to be healthy, dirty enough to be happy”
    Happy Tuesday! And you are setting the world right—it starts with us. Now, if everyone else would get on board too…💓

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    1. Ah love that saying. That is wonderful thank you. 💕And considering the way I’ve been handling things lately, I’m happy that I at least got the day of the week right. (Had to double-check just now. ;)) 🎉🙌


    1. Ah Charlie. Depending on where one lives and under what circumstances, possibly very reasonable OCD to have. :)) We’re lucky in that way, we live in the country, not much to worry about most days. (Knock on wood. ;)). But locked doors are small expense for anyone to pay for comfort. Lock on and rock on as it feels right, I say. xoxoxo

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  2. I just re-read “Exchange”, Nadine! Incredibly creative and sweet, too, in a way. It’s like your paying the best compliment of all to all your creative influences….I liked it and I liked having to interpret it. That is a special quality in writing that is like catnip for me, because most writing is easily interpretable, haha. Thanks for the loveliness! 💖

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