For the love of Xadia

All around her the tempest raged

She flung her sword into the earth

And hung flying on

To that dragon’s egg


Inspired by Season 1 of the amazing series The Dragon Prince— as well as the real-life storm at this moment battering the Auvergnat skylights

6 thoughts on “For the love of Xadia

    1. Matthew! Missed you so much! And I love that you ask this question! You are so insightful. Since last night I blocked myself from laptop WP access (and yet still find myself using this pocket-drug device of a phone to publish whimsical poems!) so getting the link is complicated at the moment. It is as though you read my mind, since my next post was whimming to be a reblog of that reviewer’s awesome recommendation. But I saw it through another blog, so now I’m truly in a tangle! And the skylarks are home sick, chirping for attention so for now, I’ll let this dangle. Thanks for stopping by, old friend of the bloom 🙏🌸😊


        1. Odd as this may sound, my envy 😆 is only displaced for my understanding of the intense work you’ve done to earn that place, and all the just values you use it to peacefully fight for. Let continue this valorious battle forevermore, while there remains need. 😇🕊

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