Souvenirs du jour

So I posted that post on st., showered and got X to school on time, he has his brevet blanc so the whole ride there he recited lines of history and I had to stop Y and Z from singing; Z wanted to go to garderie to play with his friends so I let him, then Y and I for walk around lake, gave lady of our dog-friend Jeanette her holly-bag back with walnuts and long branches of rosemary in holly’s stead, then dropped off Y at school on time, then parked at recycling station under the plane trees, some likes had come in, as usual I found myself hoping beyond all hope and reason to find what I unconsciously was looking for, but it wasn’t there, there were some comments from dear friends however and I was very grateful and did some reciprocate reading and commenting via phone, then did recycling and swept out the van, which was filled with the usual crumbs toys walnut shells books games, then to C4, checked in at x blog, responded to comments there, did grocery shopping, helped elderly lady find the right mayonnaise, she likes the kind in a tube, light and without dijon, she was 90% blind in one eye, she had been to the ophthalmologist, she is 94 years old, very affectionate, spoke from 2 inches from my nose, I found her very beautiful, cataracted brown eyes in reddish skin copper hair, asked where I was from, was it Holland, no, it was Canada, oh she loved Canada, had always wanted to go to Montréal, was I from there, no I was from Vancouver; oh English she asked, yes anglophone I answered; then we moved on to vegetables; drove to library to return Y’s overdue book but could not find it in the van, but in the process of looking I thoroughly finished tidying; responded to some comments from R via bloomwords and st, laughing, then drove to LD, did more grocery shop for the things not at C4, lady in line who wanted to go ahead of me, I said yes and also to the man behind her as well, she accidentally tipped the flat of husband-beer that I’d balanced on the edge of my cart into the cart and was now trying to clean up the cans for me, I was trying to text the kids, to tell them to walk down from the school because I would be late in the lineup, she asked where I was from, was it Holland, no, though my mother is Dutch, I am from Canada, which part of Canada, Vancouver, oh, she had been to Montréal, a room with her husband twenty years ago at the bottom of the hill of a beautiful church; hold on I said, my son is texting, I am late to pick them up for lunch, meet me with your brothers here at the bottom of the hill, ok I will, said he; now more people behind me want to go in front of me, because they have only some bread and wine and I have so much to feed this big family of mine, still I am loading onto the conveyer belt, but I say I am so sorry, I am late to meet my children, I suppose I must get through the line, I hope you don’t mind; the lady ahead of me tells me she is thrilled to meet a real Canadienne, une vraie Québéquoise, I don’t mind though I have never been to Québéc, she shows me the silver ring she bought at the market near the church in Montréal, she had said to her husband let’s go down this petite ruelle, there was a seller with this beautiful little market ring, then they bought it, and the memory had been such a beautiful thing, and now it never budged from her finger.



Nadine inhales & exhales words & images from current vantage point in Diagonale du Vide, France. Thank you for reading. ❤︎



6 thoughts on “Souvenirs du jour

    1. Wow, thank you so much Matthew… also for your question.

      The “brevet” is the exam which students at the top level of junior high (middle school) in France (age 14-15) must pass in order to graduate from that level of education; and the “brevet blanc” is a practice exam that students are given at two points in the school year to prep them for the real test.

      Half of their final grade for the entire school year will be based on the grade that they receive for the real “brevet” (400 possible points, for the brevet, forming half of 800 points possible for the school year).

      The exams (and the practice ones) generally take several days to sit. It’s a bit of a rite of passage in the French school system.

      Thanks again for this awesome question! xo

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