Today I want you to

grab the first hue that illuminates your blood

spill it onto the page

call in your favourite mage

burn the secret sage

cleanse your soul and look wide-eyed into

the fire of truth


it’s here you’ll feel

all that is unreal

burn away


return your light

to the core of

the mountain





Writing prompt for the day, friends; conceived while on a glorious walk with the kiddos this fine Saturday morning here in god’s country. ☀️

If it inspires you to write something of your own, please feel free to share links to your creations below  ❤︎  xo n


17 thoughts on “Assignment

  1. El.

    ‘Grab the first hue that illuminates your blood’. I love this, so well expressed! For me it’s about being held captive by a powerful emotion. It sometimes feels as if it tints your blood and you have to wrestle with the beast to return to normal. Perhaps as you suggest this hue can be used as fuel for creativity instead.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This raised the tingles for me…
      electrifying. ⚡️
      And inspiring. 🔆What a gift you’ve given
      here, it’s inspiring me to overcome
      my own fears. 🌱💛
      And cute that you have prescription
      sunglasses, my dear 🤓😎😇

      Liked by 1 person

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