Reblog: Bushfires (I’m safe) — via Mental Dust-Bunnies

Dear friends, please visit and read DustBunnies full post, shared in part below.

They and their blog (“Mental Dust-Bunnies – an old fart and their gender”) are one of my favourite people/bloggers on WP.

They live in Australia, and their post tells a bit about what it’s like for them to be there right now, with the bushfires raging.

It also gives a list of links where we can donate money to help with the intense crisis to humanity and wildlife there.

DustBunnies writes: 

“I’ve chosen a water picture to counteract the effects of horrifying bushfire imagery.”

[…] “I’m safe. I keep telling myself that as I hyperventilate in this smoky air. I’m not prone to asthma. I am not in the path of any fire. I’m simply breathing the smoke and panicking for no reason. Hence the headphones playing slow music, the mug of calming herbal tea, and the words on this screen. I’m safe.

“I can’t comprehend the size of these fires. They’re beyond anything I’ve ever seen before. My mind keeps going blank whenever I sit to write. Horrified by the loss of human and wildlife habitats, and the loss of life. Empathising with the terror. […]”

~ DustBunnies

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Please do donate, if you are wishing you could help in some way. Donating is one very simple way to send support. Any amount, no matter how small, will help.

If you get stuck when faced with choices, and with filling in address fields on the internet, as I often do, it might help you to know I’ve donated to Red Cross, the first one on the list, and that it took less than one minute; postal address fields were accepted with “nul” typed into them, and Red Cross accepts Paypal.

Here’s a quick link to donate to Australia’s Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery:

With gratitude to DustBunnies, for taking the time and energy to share on a very real level.

~ Nadine