Valentine’s signs

Hearts and ribbons everywhere

Signing for a day of love.

Let’s not assume it’s meant to be romantic

Let’s pretend instead, it’s the universe asking us

To be mindful of one another.

To give love freely,

As we’d like to receive it ourselves

Whether to partner or parent

Sibling or child

Friend or neighbour,

Colleague or client

Animal or mineral

Sleeping tree or winter flower,

Let’s beam





Nadine inhales & exhales words & images from current vantage point in Auvergne, France. Thank you for reading. ❀︎


22 thoughts on “Valentine’s signs

        1. Don’t worry, happens to me all the time! :)) Thanks about Valentine’s Day, and I hear you on that. I’m not a fan of the unrealistic expectations built around it, as well as the commercialism, but I do like to celebrate love. And I must admit I was pretty pleased to receive a beautiful bouquet today, but that was a complete (and happy) surprise. I usually get them for myself if I want some. πŸ’(I like to feel independent regarding my own blooming happiness. ;))

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        2. You remind me–I’m not sure this’ll make sense to anyone but me–of my mother’s approach to Mother’s Day. She called it Florist’s Day and never expected presents or cards, but when my brother and I made them for her she loved it.

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        3. And now you have given me such a lovely post-Valentine’s gift, Ellen – miniature autobiographical snippets such as these, especially such lovely ones, are among the best textual flowers a comment can give, imho. You mom sounds like she was pretty awesome.

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