Ferry on Agamemnon channel

Close grandeur
Heavy rows of tall peaks
Fresh powder under azure sky, snowing the line
Thick evergreen fur, rumpled ridges
Cold land
Jade waters
Fjords terrifying in their inhuman blueness

Why are we so small

The land, self-absorbed, gives no answer except through the roughness of its majestic existence
Savage beauty remote and innocent
Sun gleams but far
Golden rays consumed immediately by eternal shade
Cloud hangs in wisps like beards of large invisible wizards who’ve lost their way
Desolation sounds
in the echo not yet made
The silence
makes itself known like the fathomless depth
where calmly violent octopi move in thoughtless grace
Far beneath the tiny flat of this
white vessel

I stand above the prow

thinking upon then and


O Canada where have you gone
in my consciousness

I left you in spring
Now, nine winters later
You act as though the doors of summer
are forever closed

At the shoreline
machines wait to receive us unto the land

Softening nature’s blow




13 thoughts on “Ferry on Agamemnon channel

    1. Them’s are both good “by’s”
      ain’t it true tho’.
      However, I wrote this piece
      a fortnite ago.
      Now I’m back in France
      where a coolish breeze blows.
      When I tapped this into my phone
      The internets were slow, to no-go.
      Perhaps I should have mentioned that
      in the footnotes, so
      I’m grateful you gave me the opportunity
      to elaborate in the comments, dear David.
      And also
      Drawing attention to such a great poet
      as Neil Young, who apparently did say:
      “I’m not into organized religion. I’m into believing in a higher source of creation, realizing we’re all just part of nature.”

      I think I was angry at nature that day.
      For taking my dear momsie away.
      But writing is good therapy they say,
      And perhaps nature would be happy with this creation, as well as with my mom’s returning fully to its own creative embrace,


    2. This is terrific, Nadine. I love especially “the cloud hangs in wisps…in the echo not yet made.”

      At some point, if you’re interested in those “calm violent creatures” (and you’ve depicted them accurately), I wrote a lengthy post on them because they’re so fascinating. Amazingly adept in all sorts of ways and clearly bond with humans—though they’re invertebrates. I titled the post “Can I Really Get My Arms Around This Animal?”
      And you’ll learn something about the plural that it’s better you didn’t know when you wrote this poem because it would have messed up your fine rhythm.

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      1. Thanks so much Annie. 🐙I will try to check that out.

        In spite of the fact that I completely forgot about grammar/spelling of octopuses while tapping out this poem ;)), I like to believe I chose octopi over octopuses because the /ahy/ sound at the end matches the /ahy/ sound in “violent.” And because regardless of Greek/Latin second/third declensions bla bla, I prefer it. 😆

        (One thing for sure, is I’m nearly always roasting marshmallows around the fire of the descriptivist linguistic camp, rather than the prescriptivist one. :)) 🔥🏕


    1. Hi Annie – really interesting facts in there – I loved this part: “…because these strange creatures—shape-shifting, color-changing invertebrates with 3 hearts and brains wrapped around their esophaguses—are highly intelligent beings that seem to form attractions with humans.”


    1. I sooo agree about time and seasons. Thanks so much for this comment, I truly appreciated it. I have opened comments on that poem now, in response to this comment of yours, and now that it (and I) has/have had a bit of chance to sit in its/our own quietude ;)) No need to comment on it now, if the feelings/moment has/have passed; just wanted to let you know. Thanks again for your kind reaching out <33

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    1. Ah, you’re so kind Matthew. That image has always been this blog’s icon (I was on a bit of a graphic design kick when I started here on WordPress), so in fact I’ve been a bit lazy, just copying it over to my profile image. I’m super glad it has your stamp of approval though. :)) I LOVE your profile images, btw… I was thinking of doing a family-style one too, then chickened out at the last minute. Not so sure my peeps would always want their faces associated with my content haha. Maybe I need to work on cleaning up my content…. ;))

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