This hour has 11 minutes 11 seconds b’y

***warning: satirical videos with references to sex, drugs, language***

Something a little lightweight today.

For the 96.666% of the world that might not know, the title of my This Hour Has 86 Minutes post was shamelessly stolen from the Canadian show This Hour Has 22 Minutes, which was a steady part of the TV diet of any self-respecting satire-sensitive Canadian household, starting from the early nineties.

I was too obtuse, or naïve (sounds better), to “get” much of the humour back then, even as a young adult, mainly because I was too busy slacking off at university to bother watching the news; but luckily I had a highly intelligent close friend who was able to explain it to me. (Thanks Lee-Loo, should you ever read this blog. Also for the extremely-detailed descriptions of how to…. er, nevermind. ;))

Anyway, I was rather delighted to discover that the show in fact still exists!

For those in Canada, if you don’t already know, you can watch the latest episodes via this portal:

For the rest of us, clips on YouTube will have to suffice.

A couple faves from the top of the list:

[Newfoundland has its own lingo | 22 Minutes (02:07)]

Was that not the best song?

Yes b’y. (Whether you thought so or not.)

Side note #1: I still don’t know why all of Canada makes fun of Newfoundland. The b’y who builds the boat AND sails ‘er can’t be wrong, eh!

[I’se The B’y – Great Big Sea – with Lyrics (01:54)]

Side note #2: if you are wondering what on earth the lass in the first video was eating, it was a special pancake-donut called a touton, dripping with molasses. Blending three favourite national foods. We Canadians seem to be (little?-)known for our continent-wide sweet tooth. That includes many police officers, who are ruthlessly made fun of for it.

In this next video, gummy bears are the sugary scapegoat for high times crossing civilian lines:

[It’s ok, edibles are legal now | 22 Minutes (02:06)]

(Side note #3: Hmmm…. I’m starting to realize what might have helped cause that Canadian sweet tooth, in past decades…. not to mention the nation’s high dentist-per-capita population ratio. Recently subsiding.)

Border patrol, however, is more stringent than the country’s police force, at least, according to This Hour.

[Pot at the Canadian border | 22 Minutes (02:03)]

(—insert record-scratch noise—)

Ummm… What?

Hold on one second here.

It’s legal all over Canada? Not just BC?

Oh yeeaaahhhhh….. I remember that old news now. Green gods, this noggin’s fulla holes. (And I was one of the ones who scoffed at all of those “this is your brain on drugs” public messages when I was a teen…)

Anyways, moving on to jokes about winter in Canada.

[Winter hit Canada hard this week | 22 Minutes (03:01)]

(Makes fun of Vancouverites and their ignorance when it comes to snow – “oh look this guy’s shovelling snow with a…”)

That one was perhaps my favourite. Every word is true. At least, that’s the word of this former Vancouverite, to you. ;))

If you were to go back and watch all of those videos, this hour will have had at least…

(math in progress…)

11 minutes 11 seconds.

(Hope I got that right.)

Yes, I know you didn’t watch them all.

But I know you want to. Go on. Try it. You might like it.

(But don’t smoke pot. It makes you duhhhmb as f*ck. ;))

(Not kidding about that.)


Thanks blogiverse friends, for putting up with all my all-over-the-place weirdnesses. You da bomb. :))


xo N

Nadine inhales & exhales words & images from current vantage point in Zone of Emptiness, France. Thank you for reading. ❤︎




2 thoughts on “This hour has 11 minutes 11 seconds b’y

    1. Again you’re so kind… I am avoiding re-reading this one because I sort of can’t believe I published it. I love hearing this about Scotland though… it’s much the same in the Netherlands, too. :))

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