Stay the light (or, meet you in the dark zone)

Sung in Universal angelic voices, a cappella chimes, rainbow glimmers in coal-black, stoatblack, slowtrack lines. A ponderous yet simultaneously airy and light one-two rhythm, like electricity shimmering in a faraway earthborn cloud…

Keep your focus on the light,

and Brave, be bright;

think not too dark,

if your Flame, is but a spark.

when you’re feeling low,

too slow, cannot Glow;

turn your eyes to inner sky;

and let the Moment, Grow.

find a Friend who can lend,

a Helping, hand;

lace fingers through theirs;

let sad sands, pass.

Know their True Heart,

beats Just, like yours;

feeding hopes and dreams,

but sometimes, feels worn.

Keep your eyes on the Light,

while loving the dark;

life’s no always-Ascending, Lark.

but it’s ever fuel, for your, Fair Spark…

let your inner light Bloom,

Mesonic Twin Quark.



coal-black, stoatblack, slowtrack” – this is not a direct quote, but completely, nonetheless, utterly, inspired by the opening paragraph of Under Milk Wood, by Dylan Thomas: ‘…down to the sloeblack, slow, black, crowblack, fishingboat-bobbing sea…”

Started as reminder to self, when things were momentarily going well: Stay the light. Ended as a gratitudinal love song to Twin Quark (ancient frenemy). Meeting you always in the all-love hadron-quark dark-zone. Because it’s said that since a few picoseconds after the birth of the universe, quarks can no longer exist without one another.

2020-03-06 11:19 – 2020-03-08 10:55

Some inspirational credit for the finishing of this simple rhyme/cosmic song goes to a relative, I don’t know if they want to be named — who recently told me more about their recent healing retreat, in which participants were brought to understand, or re-realize, perhaps, that the 96% of the “unknown” or “empty” dark matter that makes up space is love, pure love…


Image: Cosmic space blossoms, via

Nadine inhales & exhales words & images from current vantage point in Zone of Emptiness, France. Thank you for reading. ❤︎


9 thoughts on “Stay the light (or, meet you in the dark zone)

    1. Yes!!! It’s crazy-making fantastic. I’m always torn between ecstasies and jealousies when I read lines like that! Oh but they were so delicious I didn’t mind. Thanks so much for mentioning this book to me.

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