Yearning for Dragons

I’m gone and full
Lost somewhere in March worm moon
I had a dream that you were cleaning rooms
In a tall and narrow modern tower
With glass front walls
The style was hip and Chagall
A dream of seashore hotel
Tate post-modern but on the eastern gate
And you were washing windows
Hidden rebel with a punk rock heart
No one knows you at the start
There’s something in your eyes that’s shy
A gentle fierce behind a sudden surprised smile
When that one pretty person stops to chat for a while
But you were in a vast-up story
And your arms twined with invisible morning glory
And I was lost somewhere at sea
Among my wreckage and numb from the freeze
I smelled salt and seaweed and the death of fish
A trawler searching for a catch.
It missed
As I floated dangling cheek on hand, guessing
I might never touch land, drifting away on some brackish band.
But then your tower, small but neat and beautifully lit
Shone like a lighthouse and on every window you’d writ
In a slant-brush cursive, coffee-house hip
Scrolled in white window-paint, so everyone could read it.
Such glowing heart-things
Sayings I’d longed to hear
Verses, meant for me, but without intention to bring me near.
Is that correct? My memory’s fading, now, I fear.
But it was such a love-filled, wondrous creation
An artwork that stunned some passing nation
And it filled my heart with gleaming delight
As I suddenly stood before it,
Drenched from shipwrecked night.

by NadineJL 2020-03-10/11 originally posted on github

39 thoughts on “Yearning for Dragons

      1. Thank you Nadine. I like your site very much and am happy to be reading more now I’ve subscribed. : ) I appreciate your follow on Fake Flamenco. Tomorrow I debut my new poem about the Andes Mountains. Happy weekend! -Rebecca

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    1. I appreciate this so much, thanks a lot. This poem is the telling of a dream I had on that recent super moon night, and I just let it arrive on the page and it’s a rare one that I’m completely happy with, since it came straight from creative flow and felt effortless. Thanks for your lovely comment.

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        1. Omg! That is so cool! 🌊My mom always wanted to be a sailor! But she was better at singing on deck than manning the ship, they soon found out. So they put her back on dry land after a few weeks, where she picked tomatoes and packaged sweets. 😂

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        2. Singing voice can be developed! Take a singing lesson online maybe! Youtube must have a lot of those for free! Anyway, you sure sing through your beautiful poetry. 😍🎶👏🙌

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