and true

I come outside

take a breath.

It’s strange I have to

make myself

step outside the glass

to properly be,

as though I’m ever afraid of feeling cold

when in fact,

the cold enlivens me.


are there

solid and true

You never seem

to change your mood.

The winds can try to blow you down

the constellations can spin around

but you

are always

solid and true.

And yet it is as

though your energy

reaches me

through and through

As though all movement of god

is at the core of you

and as though if I listen with my body

and my breath

and my bow

You tell me of the slow-changing nature






Image: by Adam Noack. “Art is something that happens.”

Title: The French word branchement means “connection.”

This poem sat untouched in my drafts since 2020-03-10 15:27 (according to the history timestamp ;)). The temperature here in Auvergne has since warmed, but the sentiment remains the same. A recent comment-conversation about process, on one of my other blogs,, with the amazing Rachel from InMindAndOut, about her latest galactically-gorgeous poem called “Touch,” got me to check my drafts folder here at Bloomwords, this morning, and as a result, pick this one out for the publish-button. 🌱 With gratitude for all the enlivening conversations on WP.

Happy spring! Let’s try to make the bloom-synergizing best, out of everything. ☀️🌻

p.s. Always grateful for your stars (“likes” ;)) and beautiful words. 💛 To paraphrase Kim, in a different comment-conversation, they are like a loving touch in the dark. 🌟💫 Thank you. 🌌 💙


33 thoughts on “Branchement

  1. Such a gem you had in your drafts folder, and I am so unbelievably happy that our conversation prompted you to go and rescue and post it. You’ve made my evening dear friend (and I really should be in bed).

    I love how in the poem you talk about something solid and true as having energy. A beautiful diametric for a person to possess, such a basis for connection and relationships.
    “but you
    are always
    solid and true.
    And yet it is as
    though your energy
    reaches me
    through and through”

    Wonderful Nadine! Xoxox

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    1. Thank you Rachel (also for staying up so late – I can oft relate. ;)) Your kind words mean a lot to me, as always. And yes, this is about divine energy. Namely in a particular tree I know, but also in certain people, sometimes apparent through their zen-like quality, or in their inspiring artistry. Hugs and thanks :)))) xoxoxoxoxo

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  2. This part really intrigued me: “It’s strange I have to / make myself / step outside the glass
    to properly be, / as though I’m ever afraid of feeling cold / when in fact, / the cold enlivens me.” It feels possible that it is both a physical stepping out into the world and a metaphysical sense of stepping outside boundaries, out of our comfort zone. And I also sense that glass has a reflection quality to it, as well as something we can see through but shields us from getting to the other side, but also it can be broken easily. For the narrator to be themselves “properly” or truly they must go past that glass. I think a whole essay could be written on that part alone. Nice work.

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    1. WOW! Benjamin, you’ve perceived the part of the whole. And the whole of the part. Great perception must in part come from your own great art! To drop the rhyme for a mo, this really helps me though. Perhaps with that novel, that we were chatting about a while ago. (Damn! I can’t seem to get out of rhyming mode. ;)) But you get the picture. Glass and boundaries have recurring themes for me. In my literature. Thanks so much for all your help and insightful feedback. It means a lot.

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      1. That’s nice. They say all artists have they common themes that surround their work over and over again. I think something such as glass has so many uses and meanings so it really can be used in a variety of ways. I love how you say this: “you’ve perceived the part of the whole. And the whole of the part.” That’s a nice way to say something like this. You’re a great thinker on many levels.

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        1. So true about the glass, and so many other metaphors too.
          And thank you! That is a compliment that truly warms my heart. Especially coming from a great thinker like you.

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  3. What a lovely poem Nadine. Q1 – what was your inspiration for this? Q2 – curious about your process and draft folder. Quite rare for me to have anything unpublished on WP. Do you write and then wait for the right moment fir that particular piece?

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    1. 😆”fir” – that is too good. Thank you for making me smile.

      And I love that you ask this! Q1 – divine energy, as sometimes experienced through a spiritual “relationship” I have with this very tall and beautiful linden tree outside our house.

      Q2 – I just looked and saw that I now have 232 published (whether privately or not) posts in this blog, and 45 drafts. Drafts are what happen when I start something but feel I can’t get it right – as in this post. I started it, then wanted to shape it into a tree, then got hung up on other technicalities, then ran out of time and let it be. (Other times I don’t publish a draft if I feel too emotional about the subject of it – because I normally write from some strong emotion). Mostly my drafts just sit there and nothing happens with them since I move on to other things. Then when Rachel and I had this synergistic convo around her poem this morning (or her night-time), and how she’d pulled it out of her drafts folder, I got motivated to have a look at mine over here, and this one was the first to grab my eye, because of the title, and due to feeling “connected” in that moment. I didn’t bother editing it, I just let it be as it was… perfectly imperfect. ;))

      It’s neat that you don’t have unpublished drafts – maybe you compose outside of WP. I seem to only compose in the various blog editors these days. That doesn’t make logical sense, except that it lets the writing happen for me.

      Always appreciate you and your wonderful comments, Matthew. Thank you. :))

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      1. I instinctively like that way of working – filing pieces away until they feel ripe for publishing. I mostly work off Word but like the idea of drafts sitting there, vying for publishing like chicks waiting to be fed! Thanks for letting us know your writing habits – always interesting to hear how others work!

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  4. Loved this one Nadine! Sometimes we have little hidden gems that grow to big, beautiful poetry! Lovely writing…and may you stay warm in Auvergne…here it is not that warm as it was a couple of weeks ago…we are down to 10 degrees and cloudy, not like Valencia at all…All the best,

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    1. Thank you Francesc! Wow yes I guess it is usually pretty hot in Valencia, I met some folks from Ibiza, they say the best time is spring and fall there. Here it is not hot by any means, but balmy for sure (19C or so), which is just wonderful, though I just see now that it’s predicted to go cooler again. All the best to you too :))

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    1. Bonsoir Max-Louis! Merci pour ton gentil commentaire… le tableau est magnifique… J’ai eu de la chance de l’avoir trouvé. Vous avez des beaux écritures sur votre blog… merci pour votre visite de retour. :))

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