COVID-19 – a scholar’s opinion: Resist the impulse. And reblog: Attacks on innocent Asians — via Seoul Sister

There is rampant, unreasonable fear and loathing going on, regarding the Coronavirus. This needs to stop. I found an article at The American Scholar that basically sums up most of my own feelings on the matter, so I’m sharing a link to it here; please read it. It lists steps that can be taken to avoid getting the virus, along with this key summary:

“But equally important: resist. Resist the impulse to make more of the COVID-19 event than it is, i.e., a garden-variety outbreak of a potentially, but rarely, serious infection. Resist the inducements to pass along errant information. Resist social media surges. Resist governments that are using the outbreak as an excuse to ramp up xenophobia, interdict migration, restrict travel, or promote suspicion.” –  (“How to Think About the Coronavirus” –  by Philip Alcabes | March 10, 2020, The American Scholar)


Attacks on innocent Asians — via Seoul Sister

A fellow blogger, Judy Kim of Seoul Sister, recently shared this video on her blog. I’ll admit I don’t watch much news, so was shocked to see it.

So sad. Racism is rooted in fear and misunderstanding.

(Skip to minute 00:47 to see the heartbreaking reaction of the owner of the car that had racial slurs written on it — a tearful mother who found herself having to explain the meanings of them to her children. And minute 01:13, to see the shocking video of a man berating an innocent bystander on public transit; finally spraying him with deodorizer, as other travellers look on.)

Visit and follow Seoul Sister, to view the full post and others on the subject.  Attacks on innocent Asians — Seoul Sister

WP Reader link to Judy’s blog:


There are people out there committing deplorable racist acts. It’s awful. The most selfish people in the world are using COVID-19 as an excuse to harm other people, shame them and frighten them for what amounts to their own sick pleasure and self-aggrandization. All in the name of protecting… themselves.

If you see an Asian person getting attacked or discriminated against in the name of COVID, whether verbally or otherwise, please, especially you fellow white, healthy, low-risk people — speak up. Be a friend, to that person, in the moment. Do whatever you think a friend would do.

Stand with them.

Thank you for reading.



11 thoughts on “COVID-19 – a scholar’s opinion: Resist the impulse. And reblog: Attacks on innocent Asians — via Seoul Sister

    1. Yes…. indeed. I had a strong reaction…
      Unbelievable. And yet… believable. As Judy said, it’s misunderstanding, or ignorance. People just need more awareness. Thank you so much for your comment, Rachel. ❤︎
      We are healthy here. Hope you’re well too. Much love to you xoxoxo

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  1. Hi Nadine, thank you for re-posting. 😘I think when kind people like you stand up for others who are being targeted it is so beautiful💖🤗. We’re a human family, we need to help each other❣️

    Liked by 2 people

    1. So happy to see your comment, this lovely starlit morning. You have such a kind and beautiful way of putting things… and I saw you doing such brave, empowering, and creative work on your blog. I feel so happy to have connected with you. 💖🤗Thank you so much, Judy! 🙏🌱🌷🔆☯

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  2. Hey Nadine, I hope this message finds you well. Yes that is despicable behavior and should be denounced. But the continual propagation of these viruses from Chinese wet markets cannot continue. How that has been allowed to persist by Chinese authorities is extraordinary.

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    1. Hey, Matthew (if I remember right from your about page, please correct me if I’m wrong :)). So… any links you can put here, regarding those issues, for the sake of easy reference, please/perhaps? I’m
      willing to have a gander.
      Either way… 1) we are all supporting Chinese dry markets, and long have done, whenever we’ve bought ridiculously inexpensive items that are made in China… and the support of the dry markets supports the wet markets… and 2) fear is leading uninformed people to shame and strike out against innocent citizens around the world, for no reason other than their country of origin and/or the colour of their skin. Even if they may not even have been born in China, visited there recently nor carry the virus… just like the majority of us. That needs to stop.
      Thank you so much for your comment… I do appreciate your input, and your opinion matters to me. 🤗

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      1. Yes, that’s my name Nadine. I posted the links in my article today. If you search’ 4 corners epsiode Corona virus’ in You Tube you’ll find the Australian investigation about the origin.

        It’s a no-brainer that labelling / striking out against people based on their race or colour of skin is terrible and should not be tolerated. I appreciate your opinion as well and love reading your ‘introspective – writing’ posts.

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        1. Thank you for taking the time, Matthew… I appreciate your post, and I replied to my earlier comment there just now… but most of all, thank you so much for the encouraging words. They mean a lot to me. :))

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