Write on… right now

07:30. Just a short writing-process post. I woke up at 04:00 today… yesterday also. I get very tired this way, by the end of the day, and I’m in bed no later than 22:00, which is the perfect schedule for me, so I hope it continues.

In the pre-blogging days I used to spend that early-morning time writing privately, as a kind of self-therapy*… but now, I find myself inexorably back in the WordPress editor or reader… more often that not replying to comments or posts of blog-friends.

Rather than berate myself for this enjoyable and relaxing activity, I’ve decided to think of it as a fantastic, heart-opening, creative-nonfiction/memoir writing technique.  I find it gives a prompt — i.e. the subject of the person’s comment or post — and it gives that imagined perfect, listening ear — the one that Carol Shields so beautifully describes in her book “Startle and Illuminate” (another of about 20 books that I still am stuck only halfway through, in jealous awe of the incredibly skillful way the author pens such universal thoughts, so true ;)).

But sometimes people can get overwhelmed with such long replies on their posts. Understandably. :))

So… next time you are reading a post that elicits a response in you… try writing a few hundred words in reply… you can always keep it private, or publish it yourself, instead. You might be amazed at what memories come through.

So write on! There is no better time than now, to start documenting your life stories. Any snippet or sentence is better than none. The friendly alien archeologists (as I like to imagine them, in the future, haha) will thank us for it, some day.

Much love to you, from a frosty, pale golden-blue morning, in Auvergne.

xoxox nadine


*for those who have never heard of “morning pages” (à la Julia Cameron, The Artist’s Way – read or watch all about them, here: https://juliacameronlive.com/basic-tools/morning-pages/

hugs from France

07:53 p.s. I tried to upload a photo of the view, for you, just now — but my phone battery died right after holding it out the window, in the cold air, for five seconds – it is ancient!!



22 thoughts on “Write on… right now

  1. Positively inspiring morning post, Nadine! Sitting with a cup of tea reaching out from the comfort of my armchair with Mr. Cat on my lap. A hundred and one words swirling in my thoughts—all hopeful and heartful.

    We are tucking in as the state shuts down. I bought a pair of reading glasses and have Dante’s Divine Comedy by my side. Finally we have much needed rain today—perfect.
    Be gentle with yourself today and whatever you decide to do—enjoy!

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          1. Yes yes!! I am all about dancing wildly with creativity and rampant universal love. Bring it on! Exactly what the doctor ordered.💓
            You and your family are staying healthy?


  2. I like what you say here. Is funny that sometimes when you write a comment on a post new things come out, or you think of things very fast that you wouldn’t think otherwise of doing. In fact, sometimes I think of poems or philosophical ideas that I might want to write about later on. And, yes, new “memories” are generated through this act.

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    1. Thank you Benjamin! Yes, it’s the same for emails to friends, for me. Perhaps that’s how the “novel” must get written. I keep thinking of this and then forgetting this. And now remembering it again.

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      1. Yes. I have learned to not force things too much with writing. Sometimes just best to wait for it to come with you. (But then again sometimes you just have to try hard to get it done). It’s a scale that must be balanced.

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  3. I too have so many books that I am stuck half way through. ‘The Artist’s Way’ is one of them. And you are so right about documenting those life stories. Our narratives of origin and our life stories are significant for all manner of reasons. Those who come after will have a brilliant time reading them and maybe learning from them in some way! Love this post! Reminds me to get back down to writing those morning pages which I have been neglecting for a while. My daughter bought me a lovely new journal for Mother’s day. Time for a new chapter maybe! 🙂 xoxoxo

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    1. Liola, I love that you said that! Same here. I never finished The Artist’s Way either. But maybe we don’t always need to finish books. We can get what we need from them and grow wild from there. Thanks for your lovely comment, and how nice that your daughter bought you a journal! I always found it so hard to write in the pretty ones, but now I just go for it. Rarely though. I’m still mostly doing digital first drafts of everything. But who knows… one day I might switch again… we’ll see. :))) hugs and many thanks for the visit, xoxoxoxoxo n 🤗🌷🙏

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  4. Inspiring and mornings well spent! I did that once several years ago: read a post, shared it and added a response because I had a lot to say on the piece I had read. I do it with articles too. Say safe 🙂

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        1. I have neglected my feed over here for the past day or two… have to get back to it soon! Like you, I like to support fellow bloggers… and yes, doing so sometimes brings ideas, from over the moon. :)) Thank you for your comment Béa! xoxo

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  5. I agree with you: trawling through WP on all of my usual haunts is a great way for me to spend the morning of my first day off. So many ideas out there. Also like the idea of drafting responses to posts. Great way of engaging and sparking your own creation.

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