Church of cypress – ekphrastic

The families,

of isolated tree-people;


artist approaching,

calm swamp-born



Standing silent,





not kneading



Standing witness,

to the



as their shapes,

each teach us



Can we mother…

can we



can we now child,




Ever bending…



the winding



of our green-blood



Now the brushes…

Now the



Now the cool air…

Now the



In the stagnant,




Cypress people,





Ekphrastic poem based on the above image: “Cypress knee sketch w. swamp pics” by fellow WordPress blogger Chris Ludke, The Plein Air Experience. (WP Reader link:

Notes: I feel a bit cheesed that my inner muse used the words “brushes,” and “paints,” instead of “pencils,” and “draws,” or something similarly more appropriate, because the above is a sketch and not a painting. But the poem won’t let me change this! and I live with that, because eventually Chris will “baptize” them in paint, if all goes according to plan. (Right, Chris? ;))

Some of Chris’s beautiful paintings and sketches were recently stolen from outside the door of her new apartment during her move, which proves how enchanting they were. But hopefully they will soon be returned to their parent, as of course, they are irreplaceable works of original art. Chris is an amazing artist… and process writer… and such a wonderfully supportive fellow blogger.

Please visit her site, to become inspired and enchanted, if you ever need ekphrastic poetry inspo. Thank goodness she had taken photos of her precious canvases. At least we can enjoy them online. And like many of us in the art/writing world, Chris doesn’t charge a dime… but does it for the joy and active meditation of it.

Stay safe and creative,


xoxo nadine/(ju)lia/sobrietytree-lover


Nadine inhales & exhales words & images from current vantage point in Auvergne, France. Thank you for reading. ❤︎

31 thoughts on “Church of cypress – ekphrastic

    1. Thank you, lovely Liola, I really appreciate this so much, you understood what I was getting at, I believe. You’re such a good friend to me here on WP. Very supportive digital family. 🥰🙏💕🌿 xoxoxoxo


  1. Hello Nadine, and I loved the poem. It was so lovely and I loved the flow, the rhythm and your precise wording…It is a lovely drawing as well and like you said, she will probably turn it into a painting. I hope you are doing good. Here we’ve finished our first 15 days of quarantine and starting our second round, now with the new hour, we’ve an extra hour of quarantine 🙂 Stay well, safe, home and creative. I love your writing style and your compositions. All the best from Spain,

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    1. Thank you so much for these kind words, and your Corona update, Francesc, it’s just the same here in France, for us. I love your art and always appreciate your feedback, truly. Thanks again, and likewise wishes. 😊🙏

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      1. And for writers it seems like nothing is ever perfect. I heard once that Mark Twain would go back and revise old parts of books that had been published all the time (not sure if it’s true though.) But the point is that a writer can never find perfection, or at least we think we can’t and have already found it, though.

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        1. Oh!!! I love that story. I totally believe it. Also, Kahlil Gibran carried The Prophet around for four years before publishing it, making each word perfect! Tales like these give me hope. :))

          Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Matthew…. and yes she is fantastic… very, very happy she found me, so I could find her back. I love a good art blog, and hers is so down-to-earth, just like her artworks.

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