The morning is withering grey
the sky is in dreary gloom.
You said to strive to be happy
but can I reach for bluer blooms?

Two weeks ago on your birthing day,
there came so many flowers.
Now I can’t bear to part with them;
here they rest, like fading towers.

Petals are dropping,
along the spring-blown floors
I clean them all up
but can’t seem to bring them
out winter’s doors.

A lily for your laughter
a rose for your bright cheek
a bluebell for your eyes
a sprig of baby’s breath…

for your sleep.

Mom, in my heart,
your light-filled bloom
I’ll ever

Image: lost sunflowers, by Van Gogh. Found via article: “Rare Van Gogh Sunflowers image found” (4 September 2013)


RIP, lieve mamaatje. Ik hou van je nog zo. Je bent en zonnebloem in mijn hart. Daar zul je voor altijd bloeien; en daar altijt in mijn denken, “grow.”  xo bebe/njl