Strange posts from tree-side, one year ago

Bit of an odd post from one of my off-shoot blogs… shared below… I was reminded of it this morning, today on April Fool’s Day, or “poisson d’avril* (fish of April)” as it’s called, here in France. I can’t believe it was a year ago!

A lot has changed since then… but in other ways, very little… I suppose more than anything, our family has grown closer… and things are really good on the home front (knock on wood ;))… which is a blessing, in these times of government-mandated family isolating and social distancing. So, small changes can add up to big differences.

Hugs, from amongst the soon-to-bloom trees.

I still have not exercised. I go through periods of this… my life is lived in waves. Today, the first of April, I am the poisson d’avril. I woke around 02:00 for some reason (very strange, doesn’t usually happen) and got up at 03:00. I meant to write in my journal, but fearful of what I had to say, I have been reading OPOC (Other People’s Online Content) instead…

via Day 6 – The things I did not write this morning (er, and ayahuasca) (+++) — The Sobriety Tree (April 1, 2019)  (Edit: or, WP Reader link – thank you, LL!! :)) – here:

xo nadine/(ju)lia/sobrietytree

*For Wikipedia link to poisson d’avril/april fool’s day in France: please click here.

Nadine inhales & exhales words & images from current vantage point in Auvergne, France. Thank you for reading. ❤︎


9 thoughts on “Strange posts from tree-side, one year ago

  1. Hello Nadine, I hope you are doing well, along with your family, and coping with the government imposed isolation, or quarantine, I do not know in France, but here in Spain we are on the 18th day of state ordered quarantine, allowed only to the supermarket/pharmacy, and we’ve 12 more days to go, and then hopefully it will be lifted. Anyways, it is not that bad, a small sacrifice to make to stay safe, healthy and alive. I’ve had to make much more difficult ones in my life. In any event, I send you my greetings and my wishes for your health and wellbeing.
    A bientot from Spain,

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    1. Hi Francesc, thanks and yes it’s just the same here, originally 2 weeks, now extended to at least April 15 or longer (“Le 27 mars 2020, le Premier ministre a annoncé le renouvellement du confinement pour deux semaines supplémentaires, soit jusqu’au mercredi 15 avril. Les mêmes règles que celles actuellement en vigueur continueront à s’appliquer. Cette période de confinement pourra être prolongée si la situation sanitaire l’exige.” – Agreed we must do what is best for the greater good, whenever reasonable and possible. Glad you are doing all right by the sounds of it, we are too; we just had a freak two days of light snow (the first all winter, and yet it’s in the spring), and now it’s sunny and warming up again, so no complaints. :)) Much love gratitude and peaceful blessings over to Spain, from here in France. xoxoxo

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  2. Truth itself: “my life is lived in waves”. That’s how it goes, as in it rises and falls. There are waves and tides and storms. Life is like water. You always have posts that allow me to think beyond. Have a great rest of your week! Stay safe!

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