The sweetest wellspring

I’ve come back to normal life, thanks to writing it…

and very raw and real the writing and feeling was….

but I was sobbing, literally sobbing with sadness and happiness and gratitude and loss and devotion and love…

and everything.

Because that seeing…

that seeing was it for me.

Though the moment in its creation

had long passed.

And by “it”

I mean everything I dreamed

of ever wanting,

in a given moment.

Because I knew, I knew, in that moment

that it was all real.

And the timing may ever be off

(though in the past it has happened that the timing

was perfect, like the pattern

of two planes, going in separate directions

to the same spiritual place, and actually

crossing paths, one above and one below,

not just the residual streams

left afterward, but the actual flying machines,

intersecting upon separate planes of air,

like golden


in the sun, at the same

exact time, and interspacing, of the universe)

(and yet always would the paths continue to


and occasionally meet again,

though sometimes

combustively or enthunderingly)

and we were never meant to be, in this lifetime perhaps,

but to me, the enormous beauty of this one being’s soul

was so visible, so bright, so pure, so filled with light…

It drew upon my spring, well

and at the same time filled it

to the brim

with overflowing.

And it was the greatest, sweetest

sadness and gladness

I can ever know.

Image: by Walter Inglis Alderson, via Sacred Place,, found via art search for “two jet streams wellspring”