The brama and the euphony (or the sunshine and wisteria)

I’m dying to impress you

to leave you with some image that

you can’t resist —

that time can’t lay aside, no matter how the peace-knell makes it try

to finally force my hand to cease

and desist.

But I can’t hope to match the surprise

that wisteria blossoms alight in my own eyes —

Why oh why? Do they bloom

so fervent purple

only after the broom has shed

its bellowing yellow?

As if in nothing but planned reaction, waiting beyond all possible redaction;

not wanting the sturdy


nor any form of protestation

or petition

from that stalwart, thorny plant.

And the moment the gorse-gold blossoms

have fallen

from their insistent cheerful stance,

wisteria springs forth, in joyous April

not waiting even

for its own leaves

to first unfurl outwards

into those future

soft and downwards-

feathering blades.

Instead it races

to extract

its own inner-budding trades

letting loose luxuriant cascades

of lavender fragrant hours

to perfume the sun’s decanting powers.

And all this, upon

vines and branches still

as dead and grey

as depths of winter —

but alive

with cacophony of songbirds

slinging tunes

like joyful


Why, oh why?

But it matters not at all, and in that moment

there is not any sorrow

imagined nor real; yesterday nor tomorrow

for which any open eye can cry.

In that moment,

the reborn soul of violet flame

is finally alive,



Image: wisteria tunnel, Kawachi Fuji Garden in Japan, by @hobopeeba on Instagram, found at via art search for “wisteria april.”

Title: bráma is the Germanic origin for broom-plant’s common name; and wisteria is said to have been partly so-named for its euphony.

The wisteria is bursting into bloom, here in Auvergne. I’m going to be away from WP for a bit, not sure how long; need to get the minutiae of life organized, re-align my spring song. :)) Will miss you all, more than words can say. ;)) Many thanks, for all your kind support; and lots of love, being sent your way. ❤︎

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