The wonderfall

I’d squeezed myself out

of my own place

by talking more than being

thinking more than doing

or perhaps, the reverse, if that’s the case

With good intentions paving

Making promises I then don’t want to keep

I aim to fly, and in so doing I fall


into blessed ekphrastic thrall

But remain evanescing

in this mid-plane,

to expound upon the beauty exposed

here, to my Now-louvred brain

Observe but not extract

the copper hues

of blues and greens


I beg to learn from them

how to cease this self-abuse

stop telling myself to do things better

and just do

or not do

while loving the extra-

luminary weather,

the inherent lack of vision

as to whither


no whether


I sprout upwards from some dusky dress

and bloom with roses on my shoulders

a peplum trunking down to earth

in mycelium symbiosis of underground



Why detach myself from life’s blood

if I miss out on play of light and shadow

in the wall of water falling to the west

when world, like this

has given

the satiating

hither come, stay


to a mind

at playful



Art credit (and ekphrastic poetry inspiration): “Image #116,” by the amazing MultipleMichael (WP reader link to post: here), whose work I came to know via David Redpath‘s awesomely adventurous art-poetry syntheses, at his own blog, Highway Bloggery.

With gratitude for the moment, in which I (🙄) failed to stay away from WP, but ended on a wonder-fall, as in some mindful dream.

Thanks also to Aeryk Pierson, who first introduced me to the word “ekphrastic.” Just the word itself leads to inner-linguistic ecstasies, all art-bloombastic.  ❤︎

xoxo nadine/(ju)lia/bloomwords/sobrietytree 🌱

23 thoughts on “The wonderfall

    1. Thank you so very very much Matthew!! Um wow, as you know, I adore your daiku, so would be ultra enchanted to see the Scottish gorse so luckily poeticized by you, and perhaps wedded to another haiku, in this lovely springtide season, too. Happy to hear it’s sunny up there! xoxoxo


  1. Holy Shout Out, Batman!

    You know, what with having NOTHING but time on my hands, I have been crap about checking WordPress reader. Shame on me! It’s not that I’ve sunk into depression from weeks of isolation. Being alone has been damned good so far.

    Quick side note to everyone reading this: Please don’t come for me with pitchforks and torches. I’m not saying this pandemic is a good shituation. I am an Aspie who is comfortable with the isolation order AND has been paid though I’ve been furloughed. In fact, I find the current shituation quite ironic in that it is the EXACT opposite of what normally happens. Namely, I’m in an almost constant state of anxiety because of the social interactions, and extroverts are cruising along happily.

    Anyhoo, there was something I wanted to say… Oh, right. I love the poem. I went back and read it again, scrolling back and forth to see the picture and read a couple lines. Very evocative.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah Aeryk. Love this comment so much. Brother from another mother. Though I’m not aspie, and unlike you, wordpress is my main online fix, I am a little happy to be relieved of certain societal pressures for a time. :)) I feel so pleased that you liked this poem, I’d been missing your feedback, as I always appreciated your take on things. Thank you so much. :))) xoxoxo

      Liked by 1 person

        1. “Computer, what is Animal Crossing: New Horizon?”

          “Animal Crossing[a] is a social simulation video game series developed and published by Nintendo and created by Katsuya Eguchi.[1][2][3] In Animal Crossing, the player character is a human who lives in a village inhabited by various anthropomorphic animals, carrying out various activities such as fishing, bug catching, and fossil hunting. The series is notable for its open-ended gameplay and extensive use of the video game console’s internal clock and calendar to simulate real passage of time. Source:”

          “Thank you, computer!”

          “You’re welcome, Nah-deen.”

          Liked by 1 person

        2. Oh. Sorry. I’m so closed up in my world (both in real life AND in the game, ha!) I assumed you knew what Animal Crossing was.

          Thank you, computer, for fixing that gap for me. 😊

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  2. This part I really connected with: “With good intentions paving / Making promises I then don’t want to keep / I aim to fly, and in so doing I fall / backwards”. That’s some fantastic writing.

    Liked by 1 person

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