I’m not blogoholic

06:27. I’ve had a restful night’s sleep, having unusually gone to bed at 21:15. I have done my exercises, yoga, even gone for a walk just before it began to grow light (it is light out now). I’ve picked up my laptop and coffee things from the computer room and come upstairs. And now I must write 1000 words. Just like in the old days. That’s all.

It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it is to someone who has become admittedly melded with blogging-social-media like it’s an extra thousand limbs. Here I detach myself from the mother ship, its bluetiful juices, its inky feed, and I tap into nothing. It hurts at first, like a sucking in my chest, some kind of vacuum instead of an electrically-charged, god-flown heart. (None of these images I imagined till this paragraph. The only way to write is to start.)

There are things that concern me about the outside world. Alcohol is one of them. The masses are being lulled (or ignited) in part, it seems, by this one widespread, culturally acceptable drug. It’s a yearning few talk about — unless drunk.

(A former local bestie once said to me, as we clinked glasses in the sun under a huge, branching tree, “I can’t ever imagine not drinking. For those who don’t, life must be so awfully boring and bleak.” And I heartily, near-completely agreed. Then just a short while later, I started mixing metaphors instead of drinks, under those same leaves. And a new world opened to me, thanks to the kindness of new online friends, indeed.)

But for those who’ve tasted and enjoyed it even one time, it’s a yearning that is ever — even if only slightly — present, and for those who haven’t — children; those little pitchers with big ears, for example — it’s a yearning to eventually become one with the adult in-crowd.

“I’m ok. I’m not alcoholic!”

The chorus of a hilarious song by the brilliant Russian band, Little Big, which is peddled in various memes throughout chat windows of various virtual offices around the world. On YouTube we can see a parody of people acting like drunken idiots, as this song with such a perfect baseline booms on.

It’s a code lyric for those in the know; those who know they’re “not” alcoholic, but just “going with the flow.”

“Working days week by week
That will make me wanna drink
Every Fridays I got lit
Should I really need to quit”

Some folks I might know, who are in the know, joyously (and knowingly and ironically! of course! because they have beautiful minds!) chant along to this booming song while pounding beers on a Friday or nine.

But it’s ok! Because they’re not alcoholic.

06:42-07:40. Damn. I peeled away from the page to grab the lyrics off the Internets, then went down a rabbit hole. So I’ve only made it to 350-ish words. And now I’m thinking of posting them online.

But it’s okay! ‘Cause I’m not blogoholic. ;))

And/or just like them, I don’t care if I am. For now at least. I enjoy it so damned much.


10:08. p.s. I leave you with an older song I found while searching for the lyrics to the newer one. Such a perfect kirtan-like rock-off.

Both bands seem to have the same goal in mind. Together they make a nice mix, sort of like a glass of musical (Join)ClubSoda-Smirnoff. (p.p.s. Not affiliated — in either case. ;)) 🍵 💃🏼

(NOFX — I am an Alcoholic — song released 2009). (Note: I prefer the term “sobriety/awareness-lover.” But it’s not quite as catchy. That’s fine. ;))


4 thoughts on “I’m not blogoholic

  1. I hope I too am not a blogoholic! I like writing and interacting with fellow bloggers. I also keep checking my phone for notifications from WP. That’s it! 😊
    I was intrigued by “kirtan-like rock-off”!
    Write on, my dear friend, writing is a good addiction…if someone wants to call it that! 🙄
    Your soc kind of posts always strike a chord, Nadine. ❤️🌷

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hahaha, we can always hope dear Punam. ;)) 😜There are indeed worse things to be addicted to. :))) And yes, let’s certainly write on. And on and on. Whether we’ve been blessed or cursed with this calling, it’s for us ourselves to decide… or more likely, write about. ;)) Thanks so much, I love your comments… btw WP is not notifying me of comments the past while. Same on one of my other blogs. Maybe I’m in the punishment box. ;)) Or it’s just a glitchy day on WP… Rachel mentioned something similar. Anyway, much love to thee. 💗🙏🤩🌷

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I like to think so too… and like other addictions, I guess we’ll ultimately always have to decide for ourselves if “our lives have become unmanageable”… :)) Each of us has a different tolerance/threshold. ;)) xoxo


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