Issues with WordPress comments past 2-3 days – technical difficulties/glitches – FYI

[EDIT/UPDATE 2020-04-24 15:12 – it seems like the recent comment notifications problem has been resolved for all new/incoming comments. (Feel free to confirm yay or nay below. :)) Heartfelt thanks to the WP support team members who helped fixed the problem, as well as to everyone who brought it to their awareness. Happy bloginteraction days are here again! πŸŽ‰ ]

Hi everyone,

Just a heads up in case you haven’t noticed, that WP is having technical difficulties with comments and notifications at the moment. So if you are not getting comment notifications, when you believe you usually would, check your posts and or the posts on which you left the comments, if you want to see them and/or reply.

(But is it a truly a glitch or just another conspiracy? ;)) Who truly knows if, and/or why? ;))

Also, I noticed that some of my comments on other people’s posts are not showing up at all.

This might be simply due to the fact that their blog settings are arranged so that all comments must be approved by the blog author (which I think is the default mode for blogs; though mine is currently set to auto-approve all comments from those who have at least one previously-approved comment) — and since notifications aren’t working properly, they might not see the comments come in at all.

Or, comments are simply disappearing into the ether.

Several posts have mentioned this issue — please see below — most recent at the top; also, you can read the comment sections within each, for more info.


Lifesfinewhine Is Experiencing Technical Difficulties β€” lifesfinewhine

“As you guys know WordPress is known to have some bugs and glitches and unfortunately it’s effecting my blog. For some reason I am not getting notifications for comments left on my blog or the replies for comments I have left on other peoples blogs. The whole commenting part of WordPress is usually my favourite […]” ~ via Lifesfinewhine Is Experiencing Technical Difficulties β€” lifesfinewhine, posted 2020-04-23Β (WP Reader link:


Message to all my friends (WordPress Issue) β€” Charlie Zero The Poet

“All my comments and replies are (NOT) coming in the notification bell! Instead all your comments go straight to my blog post and I don’t see them till’ later. Is anyone else experiencing the same issue as I am? I wrote to β€˜WordPress’ help/contact forum and hopefully their tech support can help resolve the […]” ~ via “Message to all my friends (WordPress Issue)” β€” by Charlie Zero The Poet, posted 2020-04-22 (WP Reader link:


Comments notification issues with WP today β€” LiaThePoet

“Just a quick note to let you know that for some weird reason I’m not getting notified when someone leaves me a comment and/or replies…” ~ via Comments notification issues with WP today β€” by LiaThePoet, posted 2020-04-21Β (WP Reader link:


WordPress And Their Glitches β€” Renard’s World

I came across this next post while briefly searching WP Reader for other recent WP comment complaints (didn’t find much, other than the above). Thought it was a really great compilation of WordPress glitches.

Do check it out to become further enlightened, if you’re not aware of some of these already. ~ xo Nadine

Renard goes into detail on some of the glitches that appeared on ~ via WordPress And Their Glitches β€” by Renard’s World, 2020-03-24(WP Reader link:


Side note

If you’re wondering why I include and/or tend to prefer WP Reader links, when linking to other posts, it’s because I and many others are not able to “like” and/or easily comment on fellow bloggers’ posts if they are viewed from outside the Reader.

If you are not a WordPress blogger and are wondering what the heck I’m talking about, the Reader is kind of the backend social scene on WP (that’s a Reader link to one of my earliest posts, on Bloomwords, “The Alleyways.”)

Liking and commenting is what makes this place a community rather than a consume/lurk-only zone.

It’s at once a cosy, friendly, makes-blogging-fun kind of feature — for those of us who truly enjoy providing and receiving mutual fellow-writer-support — but the dark side, as with any social media…. muhahahaha… is that’s it’s highly addictive, especially for those of us who thrive off of mutual support the most.



All this to say, that sometimes, although we might feel the world is against us, (and well it may be, at least partly ;)), we can always apply Occam’s Razor,* as my husband often likes to remind me (β€”though to me it sounds rather violent, and what we assume might be the simplest explanation for a given issue, might differ among each of us, lol/101β€”)

β€”or, as someone else wise once said, we can just continuously try to assume good intent… for a happy life (not to mention a happy wife ;)).

So please know that if I haven’t replied to some or any of your recent comments, it’s because I haven’t seen them come in.

I do check the posts regularly now, rather than relying on notifications, but I only check recent posts, since I’ve got too many older ones (blog-addicted as I am) to monitor (β€”more than 1000, over the past year and a half. 😳 😬 πŸ™„Β πŸ™Β πŸ₯΄ )


*Occam’s Razor:

“Occam’s razor (also Ockham’s razor or Ocham’s razor: Latin: novacula Occami; or law of parsimony: Latin: lex parsimoniae) is the problem-solving principle that states that “Entities should not be multiplied without necessity.”

But more applicable in this particular case, perhaps (or perhaps not! perhaps wordpress is trying to reduce our addictions! I did find it odd that the problem started, for me, at least, literally the minute I posted that “I’m not Blogoholic” post….πŸ€“ πŸ˜‚ πŸ™€ ) when viewed through the perspective of older thoughtlines such as this:

“We consider it a good principle to explain the phenomena by the simplest hypothesis possible.” ~ Ptolemy, c. AD 90 – c. AD 168

Source of quotes:’s_razor


Hugs and love from the heartland,

xoxo Nadine (and the various voices. ;))


54 thoughts on “Issues with WordPress comments past 2-3 days – technical difficulties/glitches – FYI

    1. Thank you Stuart, for this! (And BTW I didn’t get notified of this comment – I had to check the comment stash in the back end – especially since this is your first comment here, so it didn’t get posted automatically). Hugs and thanks again, for your support and for your poetry. πŸ€—πŸ™β€οΈŽ

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  1. Same here, Nadine! This started the day before! I have to check my posts every time to see if there are comments and visit others’ blogs again to see if they have replied to my comments! πŸ˜–
    I don’t know about the traffic but is it happening with free plan only or are paid plan also facing the same??
    Take care, sweetie. ❀️

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    1. Hi and welcome, Jen! 😊 And thanks for the comment! Interesting… mine don’t show up in notifications even after I approve them. Your comment didn’t result in a notification for me, but three of the other commenters (out of 8 in total so far) did (see my reply to Ellen just below). Thanks again and yes, stay safe. :)) xo


    1. Hi Ellen, I got your and Nick’s and Alien Resort’s comment notifications but not any of the others that I see here now (DustBunnies, paeansunplugged, Jen Goldie, Adrian Lewis). I wonder if it has to do with folks who use mobile phones for WP, vs desktop users (like me)…

      Thanks for the test. :)) xoxo

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    1. Hi, welcome, and thanks for your (first) comment – which I was successfully notified of! That email notification is something that WP automates and there is no option to switch it off from the author end of things – only on the part of each WP blog’s followers. So that is separate from this issue, but I really appreciate the feedback. Thanks again! :)))


      1. I used the iOS app for a while. It didn’t do all I needed so I’d switch between it and the web version. But even then the mobile browser didn’t have full functionality. That’s why I bought a laptop. Since mid December I’ve been working/reading using the web app through Chrome on Windows 10. Occasionally I’ll use the Andriod WordPress app version of Reeder to read my feed, but mostly I use Chrome. Mostly.

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        1. Ok so that’s interesting. I really do believe that your lack-of-comment-and-like-button-when-post-first-published is a glitch that is related to your scheduling posts, as I’ve theorized to you before… but that’s just my gut feeling.

          I agree the desktop version wayyyyy more functionality. I’ve been cogitating a post that shows the differences to those not aware but it’s a lot of work to contemplate doing it well (screenshots etc.). We’ll see if the whim arises. Thanks as always for the input, Aeryk. :)) xoxo

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  2. HI Nadine, it seems that the device is erratic to say the least. there are times when I get email notifications of posts that I follow, and not when there are comments, and sometimes the other way around, and sometimes, nothing at all. I don’t know where the problem originates. Perhaps the gods of cyberspace really are unknowable. Perhaps it’s planned to push us all to their paid accounts. In any case, I enjoy your writing, and that of the others that I follow, as much or more than I enjoy writing.These days, it seems as if the technological problems I am experiencing are almost overwhelming, and the stresses of this entire age are putting the squeeze on my creativity. Well, as the sages say “This too will pass” Thanks for raising the issue. Dr. Bob

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well I completely hear you on that. I’m having overwhelm issues even though I hardly use my smartphone for anything except taking photos. Sharing with family etc – everyone’s on a different platform or whatsit. Yes indeed, it’s “this too shall pass” that gets one through the rough spots. Thanks Dr. Bob. p.s. I’m on the cheapest paid WP plan so I don’t think it’s that. xoxo


  3. Thanks for the heads up. I have noticed now, for awhile, that I have not been getting notifications for comments on my blog. I do get notifications for likes however. I did kind of wonder why, but just would go to check the comments every time I had a notification for a like. I haven’t actually posted on my blog for awhile as I’ve been working on a couple of books. I was going to start posting again and keep working on the books, but then my notebook crashed. I have to get that dealt with now. (I’m on my husband’s computer at the moment). He has very kindly offered to let me use his computer whenever I want, so I am now going to get working on a blog post. Stay well my friend. ❀ Hugs, Maureen (Samten)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Maureen, thank you for this! Good to know. So some people have been having this for a while… as you have and I’m sorry to hear it. Hopefully your computer issues will get sorted, I hear you on those too. Mine’s getting a bit worse for wear and my eldest son has managed to snag my hubs’ latest hand-me-down. #FirstWorldProblems ;)) But as long as it still works, I’m happy. :))

      Awesome that you are working on some books! Would be awesome to see a post from you on how that’s going. I love process posts like those… but whatever you post I will look forward to it! Thanks again, and stay well, you too. :)) πŸ’›πŸ™πŸ˜Š


    1. Thanks Summerhill. I had similar feelings, or more like I was in some kind of WP punishment box lol. But many are in the same zone so it’s feeling cozy in here either way. ;)) Possibly just online overload as others say. :)) Hugs πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•πŸ™

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      1. It stopped happening. A few day’s ago there was just no place to comment so I thought you’d shut it off. Weird stuff happens all the time with WP, but since I’m no computer whiz I guess I’ll just deal with it, Nadine. 😘

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        1. Oh if you’re talking about the post about my mom, yes I did shut comments off on that one. I do that sometimes when I don’t feel like I’d be able to respond. I’m not sure if that’s the best solution but that’s just how I’ve been doing it for now. #bloggerevolution ;)) Thanks Pam. I agree we just need to roll with it. xoxox :))

          Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, I received your comment along with a like. I think its working…but, I’m going through every blogger and see if it works. If it works then on Monday I’m posting that blog I said I would post on Wednesday but couldn’t due to comment issues. πŸ™‚

        Yes, I believe I did receive the long comment. Send me a link of your post and I’ll stop by and see if I replied to it. πŸ™‚

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