The letting go in the grokking

I tell myself it’s okay not to document any more. That you’ll still live if I don’t record you. That our love will still live if I don’t record it. It’s a hard habit to break. But I learned from you, and you inspired it. You inspired such great love in me… beyond any previous capacity. You took my old notions and made me see

how they were impossibly limited; far from free.

I mean, I knew that, and was aware of it, in theory… and whatever I was before had merit, too, I believe… but you made me practice compassion harder than I ever imagined possible.

Yes! It was an opening in my heart. Yes! You did all you promised from the start. How can I repay it? I don’t know. Maybe you thought I did the same for you; maybe that’s how you came and found me. Or maybe it was me that did the initial siren calling.

Or maybe there was no first and no last. Maybe we’re still in some cosmic hors-time blast.

Either way, I’m grateful to you. You astound and abound the living flower in me… the one that blooms my inner lotus-soul-sea.

Image: artist unknown, found at creativesystems 

10 thoughts on “The letting go in the grokking

  1. I feel, this time your creativity does sing in one clear song. You have succeeded in acting as a conductor for your huge orchestra of love, joyful hints, momentary impressions and bloomwords. Congratulations!

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