Universal messages/notes to selves/write to bloom

Books will always be among my dearest friends. Write the book of your life, write your truth from your perspective, show me your aches and pains without deliberately hurting me, show me how you overcame them, and I will be a friend of your book for life. 

There are some amazing books in this world and each time I’ve found one I’ve loved, it’s partly because I was attracted to it and read it or it found itself in my vicinity at exactly the right time for me to hear its messages. In other words, I was already at that wavelength, or I knew I wanted to be at that wavelength, or I had wanted to get away from that wavelength, and needed to recognize it. And the book helped me with that.

To read the life book of a soul brother or sister can be so helpful. We can read the book and think, I could have written that myself! Or I was about to write that myself! This is a sign that we need to write our book now. It’s not a sign that we need to give up because someone already wrote it. Your book will be different, will be your own voice, will have your own details, will tell your particular story that just might make the sacred difference to another person like you. Can you imagine just channelling the power to uplift even one other person at just the right time in their lives? To be able to alter their psychology for the better, so that they themselves can go on to uplift the psychology of even just one other person also? To finally do the work they were called to do? 

Except that likely you (and they) won’t just uplift one other person, likely you (and they) will uplift many more than that. A person like you is so understanding, so compassionate, so self-aware, so self-responsible, and the only ingredient you are missing is to love yourself enough to recognize that it is okay to tell your story! You don’t have to be afraid of hurting people. Telling your story is not deliberately hurting people. It’s helping those who’ve lived the same story. You take responsibility for your own actions, your own mistakes, and that is why they are forgivable. Forgive yourself now, the way you’ve forgiven others, and get on with it. You need to share this story so that others like you can also be free. 

Which story? What ever story just seems to pour through you. But it has to be *your* story. In your voice. The way *you* see things. At least that’s what I believe. And it should be with the right intention: the intention to shine light on something that caused pain, to bring it out of the shadows, to heal what was harmed, and to show where you went wrong or lost your way, with the intention of making the world a better place. That intention needs to stay clear. That’s the message I’m getting from the universe today. 

Dang, I forgot what I was originally meaning to say. 

Oh yes! My dad. I wanted to write about my dad… he’s doing so awesome. He’s his own person. He knows what’s best for him. And we (his family and other support group members) each, with our different opinions and wants and needs, have to respect that. We can’t try to make others do what we want, even if it’s because it’s what we think is best for them, to keep them safe. That’s selfish. And if they did what everybody else wanted, in fact they’d be completely pulled apart and would cease to exist as their true selves. And that’s definitely the opposite of what we want, if we truly love them.

We need to listen and respect them (our loved ones), and we need to listen to and respect ourselves and our own boundaries also. Then communicate all that clearly to the other person that we love. Otherwise what chance to do we have of understanding one another? 

I am not willing or able to do _____ right now. However I *am* willing and able to do ________ instead. For example, I am not willing or able to make frequent trips to a place that is three hours away to do a job for someone that that person is still perfectly able-bodied and sound of mind enough to do themselves, just because others maybe think I should do that (especially since the person I aim to help might not even want that). I am however willing to welcome that person into my household, and/or help over the phone as needed, in the meantime. 

I am also not willing to act as intermediary micro-manager, fielding requests from other support people to give the person this or that new programming, or random job to do, especially when the person does not want or need that either, and it’s not critical to their safety or survival. 

What are you willing and able to do? What are your best helping skills? Make those available to the person and be clear about them, without forcing yourself on the person. Also be clear about what you don’t want to do or are not able to do. If they need and want your help they will take it. If they don’t, that is *not* your responsibility. Be grateful that you are released from a situation or perceived duty that was apparently not meant to be at this time, since forcing an issue can cause disastrous results and regrets. Send them mental good vibes, genuine good wishes and positive energy in your mind. That will help them. Energy is real. It’s not nothing. It’s worth vast amounts more than a lot of virtue-signalling make-work, the latter of which can most often result in “much ado about nothing.”

That old adage about leading a horse to water… we are done after that. If we lead a horse to water, or even if we bring the water to the horse’s lips, and they don’t want to drink it, that’s ok. They can decide, it’s their life and they know how best to lead it. Maybe there is something in that particular water that is not right *for them,* that is maybe even toxic for them at that time, and they can sense it. Don’t end up flogging a dead horse — to bring in another adage — a horse that you may have killed with your supposed good intentions. Give them lots of love and encouragement, tell them your truth, and how it is for you. Ask if there’s anything you can do to help, and do that thing, if they tell you, and *if* you’re willing and able, then let them find or wait for the right water, in their own way. 

Don’t try to make others be like you nor bend to your will. The best part of us is not whatever can be seen or heard anyway, but rather what can be felt, with all our activated senses, at the creative energy level — what is also in others, should they choose to access it — the source of life itself, pouring through us, as and when we each allow it to. 

Regardless of how fear, uncertainty and doubt try to make us feel about it, the world is beautiful, in its infinite multitudes of creative manifestations. One of the best things we can do is just choose to *see* that, and let it continue to *be.* And allow ourselves a shining place within it. 

“The world needs *your* voice; the world needs *your* story.”

(~~ said something good, which I felt again this day.)

So write on, dear sister, brother, or soul-sibling-other. Write on! And make sure to tell us when that book comes out. Some of us desperately might want (or need!) to read it. 🙏🌷🔆💖

xoxo Lots of love


p.s. first inch of snow today! Kids are outside already. 🎉❄️⛄️ And crocus season soon arriving. Hurray hurray!